Meggan Morimoto – Spring/Summer ’24

In a world where fashion often prioritises style over comfort, Australian designer Meggan Morimoto is challenging the status quo with her ethically and sustainably crafted bridal footwear.

Nicole Rebstock

Meticulously crafted and firmly rooted in timeless fashion, Nicole Rebstock seeks to embrace the belief that true beauty remains ageless.

Issue 29 Lovely Things

This issue’s Lovely Things features the latest pieces and collections from our favourite brands as well as some new finds that are worth trying out! We’ve also included a few tips on choosing the perfect pair of wedding shoes. Read below for more…

Shop Chaos & Harmony founder Rebecca Anderson’s favourite shoes

chaos and harmony bo boots white

Chaos & Harmony has been putting its best foot forward for over a decade now and has swiftly been crowned New Zealand’s go-to shoe label. Season after season, the Kiwi atelier delivers affordable, made-to-last designs so good we build our outfits around them. Behind our unwavering love affair with the footwear extraordinaire? Founder and creative … Read more