Nicole Rebstock

Home of rich colours, feminine silhouettes and handmade luxury, designed by New Zealand designer Nicole Rebstock.

Meticulously crafted and firmly rooted in timeless fashion, Nicole Rebstock seeks to embrace the belief that true beauty remains ageless.

Aptly named after its founder, the Nicole Rebstock brand is known for its use of bold colours and classic silhouettes. Nicole’s unwavering commitment to detail is at the core of her philosophy, with equal importance placed on both comfort and aesthetic excellence. Moreover, Nicole believes that her brand is a reflection of taking risks and daring to pursue one’s dreams.

As such, wearing Nicole Rebstock is not just simply wearing a pair of shoes. Rather, it symbolises the potential that lies within us when we push the boundaries of our capabilities.

Nicole Rebstock’s profound love for symbolism and meaningful representations continues to be showcased in the brand’s various campaigns. Their most recent campaign is the SS23: The Blue Sky Project which prefaces a kind of ‘blue-sky thinking’.

“‘Blue-sky’ thinking is conceptualising without the constraints of reality. A realm where anything is possible and the seeds for innovation are planted.”

The Blue Sky Project stems from the idea that blue skies are symbolic. They signal times of joy, optimism, and laughter in the warmth of summer. This sense of renewal and space to dream revitalises Nicole Rebstock to create its own blue sky on a fresh canvas.

For the brand, the balmy, soft blue, washed with crisp white clouds is the Kiwi summer all are yearning for, painted on a gigantic canvas—a world of their own free to explore, with no limitations.

Truly, this season marks a fresh start for Nicole Rebstock. It is one characterised by a subtle but conscious shift in design. While they remain dedicated to preserving and perfecting their established design identity, the brand is also open to embracing the numerous possibilities that have yet to be explored and painted.

If you’re looking for the perfect pair of wedding shoes to wear on your big day, Nicole Rebstock also offers a wide range of options from their own bridal collection.

The newest in the collection is the Zola, with its custom-made oversized bows and softly inverted modern block heel. This attention to detail makes for a truly unique piece of art.

Another recent addition to Nicole Rebstock’s range of bridal shoes is the Anna. This pair is lovingly devoted to the romantic and features a flattering v-cut and slim strap of elegantly placed diamantés.

Lastly, the brand’s iconic Nemesis gets a fancy and sparkling upgrade. The latest design, finished in a limited edition rosé glitter that is sure to catch everyone’s attention, is made for the fierce and feminine.

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