Welcome a more radiant complexion with The Facialist’s newest bespoke house-blend product — The Facialist Glow.

After months of work and testing, The Facialist introduces a powerful new addition to your skincare wardrobe that can help you achieve a new level of radiance.

“Since stepping back from our original skincare brand Tribeca, our customers have not stopped asking for the coveted face elixir. We have reimagined and reformulated it to be better than before. Tried, tested, and perfected,” says renowned holistic facialist and founder of The Facialist, Ashleigh Scott.

Known as a first for the brand, The Glow facial oil is a potent yet lightweight multi-tasking face oil which leaves the skin visibly hydrated, nourished, and glowing.

This multi-tasking hero product is rich in essential fatty acids to support the skin’s natural healing process and is high in natural vitamins A, C & E to assist cell renewal and help to repair and revitalise the skin. 

The Glow facial oil is proudly hand-blended In New Zealand, vegan, cruelty-free, and uses all-natural ingredients.

Aside from adding it to your current skincare routine, Glow is also a dynamic hero product that is suitable to use on its own. It is ideal for dry, dull, normal, and sensitive skin types. Even better, The Glow facial oil can be used both morning and night to keep your skin feeling luxurious and nourished all throughout the day.

Get your Glow in-store or online at The Facialist’s website. Don’t miss out on all the latest news from The Facialist by visiting their Instagram HERE.