Valo Photo & Cinema

Telling a love story with creativity and elegance is the aim of Auckland-based photographer and videographer couple Rohan and Laura.

The duo, better known as Valo Photo & Video, have a relaxed but detail-oriented approach to shooting weddings, aiming to find beauty in the ordinary little moments while crafting stories that reflect the personalities of each couple and the ambience of their wedding day. Together, the experienced team put a lot of emphasis on beautiful framing and skilful timing of each shot to capture special moments artistically and romantically.

Allow us to introduce you to Rohan who manages the videography side of Valo. With a vibrant personality and a deep appreciation for people, Rohan’s work revolves around capturing beautiful storylines that truly reflect the essence of each couple’s special day.

Rohan believes in a simple and unobtrusive approach to filming. By keeping his equipment minimal, he ensures that nothing distracts him from capturing the true essence of the day—the genuine moments. This allows him to blend seamlessly into the crowd, immersing himself in the surroundings, absorbing every detail: the ambience, the sounds, and, most importantly, the emotions. The result is footage that is both beautiful and meaningful, capturing the true spirit of the celebration.

The other half of Valo is Laura, a talented and passionate wedding photographer with a deep-rooted passion for visual storytelling. Laura strives to capture the seemingly ordinary moments and transform them into something extraordinary by composing each image in a way that brings out the inherent beauty of that precise moment.

Creating a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for her subjects is paramount for Laura. She believes that the best photographs are captured when people are fully immersed in the moment, forgetting about being photographed. She ensures that her subjects feel at ease, enabling their true personalities and emotions to shine through in each photograph.

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Booking Valo for combined videography and photography services ensures a seamless and cohesive experience across both mediums, resulting in a truly harmonious visual narrative of your special day. Laura and Rohan understand the importance of capturing all the precious moments, emotions, and details in a consistent and complementary manner and by having the same team handle both videography and photography, they can seamlessly coordinate their efforts, ensuring that every significant moment is captured from multiple angles and perspectives.

Laura & Rohan’s warm and welcoming demeanour creates a comfortable atmosphere, allowing couples to feel at ease and be their authentic selves in front of the camera. Their portfolio is a testament to that, showcasing genuine and unscripted moments.

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Valo Photo and Cinema brings together the perfect fusion of art and documentary in their wedding photography and videography services. With their artistic vision and attention to detail, they transform fleeting moments into timeless works of art, capturing the essence of your special day in a way that is both visually stunning and emotionally authentic.

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