How to wear a blazer at your wedding

At Together Journal, we find ourselves captivated by a contemporary trend gracing the wedding scene – the wedding blazer.

Weddings featured above Jess + Mitch by Natasha Maria + Maxine + Joshua by Sapphire Studios

For those who appreciate the aesthetic allure of minimalism, crisp lines, and a chic demeanour, the blazer emerges as a compelling choice.

Featured above: LAURA + EDDIE by Stephan & Nakita

While traditionally reserved for civil services and registry office ceremonies, we’re now witnessing this versatile piece making its presence felt across a diverse range of weddings and locales.

Featured above is the real wedding of Becka + Kada inside the pages of issue 30 now.

Blazers are being welcomed into a myriad of wedding themes and venues. From rustic barn weddings to beachfront vows, the blazer finds a home, exuding an air of contemporary charm.

Featured above is the real wedding of Magdelina and George inside the pages of issue 30 now.

This modern attire innovation, the wedding blazer, redefines tradition with a nod to understated elegance.

Featured above is the real wedding of Sarah and Rory inside the pages of issue 30 now. – Photographed by Tom Hollow of Hollow & Co.

For those brides and grooms who find beauty in simplicity and wish to channel a sense of sophisticated nonchalance, the blazer is a stylishly unpretentious choice.

Weddings featured above are Alice + Patrick by Sophie Isabella + Dave + Alyssa by Haute Weddings + Rebecca + Ryan by Sophie Isabella (full wedding coming to TJ soon)

As couples embrace more personal and individualistic styles for their nuptials, blazers are being welcomed more and more. Not only does it serve as the perfect sartorial pivot when transitioning from the ceremonial proceedings to the reception, but the wedding blazer also promises to be a cherished keepsake.

Featured Aove: Lauren + Mark by Stephan and Nakita

Featured above Michelle + Mackenzie by Bethany Joy live at TJ here MacKenzie wears blazer and trousers made by W by Working Style.

It transforms into a key component of your future wardrobe, evoking a cascade of nostalgic wedding day memories each time it’s worn. Indeed, the wedding blazer is more than a style statement—it’s a tangible piece of your love story. TJ x