Amanda Kelly Photography

Meet Sydney-based wedding & engagement photographer, Amanda Kelly.

In the heart of Sydney, where love and cityscape intertwine, Amanda’s passion for capturing authentic moments between couples has led her to be known and sought after for her natural, candid-style photography. Apart from photography, Amanda also shares with us her love for caffeine, a well-organised wedding timeline, and crisp photos.

Amanda’s love for her craft goes beyond the lens. Above all, she is committed to encapsulating the essence of the “best day ever” in the most authentic way possible. For instance, Amanda tirelessly seeks for those unscripted moments that unfold between couples. Certainly, she believes these moments make hearts skip a beat and bring tears of joy to even the most stoic faces.

She shares, “I’m here to capture the moment your partner whispers something ridiculous into your ear and you burst out laughing. I’ll capture the moment your partner sees you for the first time in a wedding dress and starts tearing up. And I’ll be honest, I’m probably going to tear up too.”

In Amanda’s hands, a wedding day transforms into a series of magical moments. From the resounding belly laughs to the heartfelt cheers and tears, she stands ready to encapsulate every experience. Therefore, her mission is clear. It is to immortalize these moments exactly as they happened, delivering memories that will endure the test of time.

Moreover, her passion for photography is only rivaled by her dedication to ensuring that the wedding day unfolds seamlessly. Even if something doesn’t go perfectly as planned, Amanda believes that everyone should still have a “bloody great time.” 

Certainly, Amanda’s commitment to creating a joyful and stress-free environment permeates every aspect of her work with Amanda Kelly Photography. As a result, she is not just a photographer; she is a storyteller, weaving narratives with each click of the shutter. That is to say, for Amanda, the satisfaction isn’t just in delivering breathtaking photographs. It’s in being part of a couple’s journey, capturing the emotions that make their love story unique. As her lens captures each laughter and tear, Amanda ensures that each frame tells a tale of love that will be cherished for a lifetime.

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