Chaos & Harmony X Together Journal Bridal Special

Chaos & Harmony has long been a favourite of Together Journal. Each collection is an exceptional fusion of elegance, fashion, and innovation. Designed with modern brides and maids in mind. We are delighted to offer our audience an exclusive Together Journal special. Add TJ20 at check out until 31 May, 2023 to receive a 20% discount.

The popular bridal collection features a versatile array of styles, encompassing chic pumps, enchanting strappy heels, and graceful flats. Each shoe is designed with impeccable attention to detail, by founder Rebecca Anderson, resulting in a diverse selection that caters to a variety of personal tastes and bridal themes.

Chaos and Harmony’s fashion-forward bridal collection effortlessly combines comfort with style. Their innovative designs feature cushioned insoles, providing brides with the ultimate experience in luxury and ease. This thoughtful addition ensures that brides can enjoy their special day without sacrificing style or comfort.

The brand’s commitment to sustainability is commendable. They have adopted ethical practices and use eco-friendly materials in their production process, reflecting a modern and conscious approach to fashion.

Chaos and Harmony’s bridal collection is a testament to their passion for creating exceptional footwear that effortlessly marries style, comfort, and quality. Their fashion-forward designs are perfect for brides seeking to make a bold and stylish statement on their special day.

And because the aesthetic of the collation takes it’s lead from fashion the various shoe styles are able to be worn again to various occasions meaning brides are buying responsibly while enjoying a nostalgic moment to remember their cherished wedding day.

Once again; add TJ20 at check out until 31 May, 2023 to receive a 20% discount. It’s the perfect time to fit our your bridal party (includes sale and bridal shoes)

If you want to see more of Chaos and Harmony’s stunning shoe collection, visit their website or follow them on Instagram. Trust us, you won’t want to miss out on these beautiful designs!