Discover the World of Grew & Co

It is our absolute pleasure to introduce you to Grew & Co, an Australian brand that embodies exquisite craftsmanship and timeless designs. And a Together Journal partner for over five years!

Our editor Greta was over in Sydney last month and of course, one of her very first stops was to see our friends at Grew & Co.

The exceptional pieces that Grew & Co are known for are the result of a team of talented master jewellers and highly-skilled craftspeople who operate within their flagship Sydney store. It’s such a wonderful experience to be in the space and see the jewels being hand-crafted before your eyes. In-house production is an essential part of their standard, and founder Simon Grew made the deliberate decision to incorporate the workshop on-site. With a background as a manufacturer skilled in traditional jewellery techniques, he takes great pride in the team producing handcrafted creations through entirely local production.

The brand’s commitment to producing beautiful and meaningful jewellery that can be worn for years and generations to come is reflected in their meticulous production process. Each stage of the process requires a perfected level of execution and expertise, ensuring that each piece is a true masterpiece.

And our timing was perfect, Greta got to see and try on a very special recent creation; the Hunter Ring.

It’s centrepiece is a magnificent 4.74ct green sapphire that beautifully reflects light with its deep green hue. To complement this mesmerising gemstone, the ring features three insert rings, each adorned with sparkling diamonds, pink sapphires or green sapphires, as well as a modern chain link band crafted from 18ct yellow gold with a soft and warm finish. So it’s like being able to dress up, or dress down your engagement ring.

The inclusion of diamonds brings a touch of glamour and luxury to the ring, while the pink and green sapphires provide a pop of colour and vibrancy that enhance its visual appeal. The combination of these precious gemstones results in a truly one-of-a-kind design that is guaranteed to capture the attention of all who see it.

When searching for the perfect stones to add to their inventory, the Grew & Co team looks both locally at gorgeous Australian stones as well as travelling the world in search of the best, brightest and most ethical gems. And we can reassure you, they’re very picky! Each stone is scrutinised for unique characteristics inherent to its particular variety.

Distribution of colour and brightness of the material is a key focus point for the team, and they’re not afraid to recut gems to maxima their brilliance and realise their true potential. It’s like they’re gemstone matchmakers, finding the perfect stone to create a truly exceptional piece.

From classic engagement rings to contemporary wedding bands, Grew & Co’s jewellery is designed to last a lifetime. The brand’s dedication to ethical and sustainable practices has also earned them recognition within the industry, cementing their reputation as a trusted and respected brand among customers. Plus they really are the nicest bunch of people who are truly a delight to work with, we should know after working alongside them for five years! And we have heard many lovely stories from customers who have bought engagement rings through them.

Grew & Co is a brand that is dedicated to creating beautiful, meaningful jewellery that will be cherished for years to come. Their exceptional craftsmanship and commitment to local production make them a true gem both in the world of jewellery and upon the pages of Together Journal.

Experience the exquisite designs of Grew & Co on Instagram and their website. Follow them for inspiration and browse their collection to find the perfect piece!