Citrus 7 Photography

Introducing Kai of Citrus 7 Photography, a distinguished artist hailing from the vibrant city of Melbourne, where his photography is celebrated for its fusion of modern sophistication and timeless allure.

With a rich portfolio encompassing over 500 weddings, Kai’s mastery lies in his ability to encapsulate the enduring elegance and fleeting moments that define the tapestry of a wedding day.

Kai’s deep-seated passion for storytelling sprouted in the buzzing, ever-evolving landscape of Asia during his youth and finally nested in the global cultural melting pot of Melbourne over a decade ago. Accustomed to constant changes, he learned to find quiet moments in motion and grasp the profound weight of raw emotions in times of change. It is with this understanding that he wishes to capture the different facets of a wedding day and the emotions that resonate within.

Client testimonials consistently highlight Kai’s warm and engaging demeanour, creating an environment where genuine moments unfold organically. Beyond capturing images, Kai fosters connections with his clients, establishing a rapport built on trust and mutual respect. It’s this personal touch that sets him apart, allowing couples to relax and be themselves, resulting in photographs that radiate with authenticity and emotion.

At the heart of Kai’s artistic vision is a contemporary flair that seamlessly intertwines with a steadfast commitment to authenticity.

In a world where time flutters away like petals in the wind, Kai’s work through Citrus 7 Photography serves as a reminder of the beauty found in the ordinary and the extraordinary. His photographs stand as testaments to the power of love and the enduring legacy of shared moments, serving as lasting tributes to love and celebration.

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