Couture + Love + Madness, the La Mariée Bridal Collection

You are hereby invited to take a virtual runway journey with us as we explore this enchanting realm created by South Australian bespoke label, Couture + Love + Madness in their new La Mariée Bridal Collection.

The world has changed, and as we change with it, we find opportunities to be more expressive than ever. Couples have been faced with unprecedented challenges this year, with some postponing wedding plans and others deciding to go ahead anyway with smaller, more intimate events. With such immense changes going on externally, it stirs a lot of musings internally, often inspiring a whole new outlook. Now, we are seeing more and more brides throw away the rule book and go for garments that speak to who they truly are as a person.

This collection explores different “types” of brides. Are you a modern bride? Romantic? Classical? Through the collection we are taken on a journey through the ages from sweeping ball gowns to short and playful silhouettes, appealing to a multitude of personalities.

Designer, Cristina Tridente said “I’m really excited about this new collection, for me, it embodies different personalities of past bridal clients we have worked with. I love the idea of creating something different for brides and having a variety of styles within the same collection to appeal to a broader audience”.

These otherworldly creations had us mesmerised with ethereal visions of soft tulle, cascading florals, shimmering details, and a dreamy waterfall of glittering lavender. The gowns are works of art, accentuated by beautiful headpieces that fuse regal with fae-like qualities and paired with jewellery that goes from celestial to Aztec and back to the all-time classic pearl.

Set in the historic grounds of Ward Z, the former Glenside Hospital; we welcome you to come along and explore a runway in a different style.

Gowns: Couture+Love+Madness | Stylist: Emma Riemersma & Mia G | Photographer: Meaghan Coles | Video: Dylan Starczak | Hair & Makeup: M&Co Style Bar | Model Agent: Finesse Models Australia | Flora: Studio Botanic | Location: Z Ward Glenside | Headpieces: Ashlee Lauren Designs | Jewellery: Ashlee Lauren Designs & Cinquante the Label | Choreography: Finesse Models Australia & Brigette Mitchell | Photography assistant: Just Another Creative