The world that we are living in today is almost entirely different to that of two years ago and during that time, weddings and celebrations have adapted and evolved to suit, although not without it’s challenges. So we thought it was about time that we sat down with some of our leading wedding brands to get their perspectives as well as a few pieces of advice for couples currently planning their weddings.

Today we speak with Anita Turner of Vinka Design, the gorgeous heritage bridal couture label to share her thoughts on making the most of smaller weddings (hello additional dress budget) as well as her personal tips on coping with stress during COVID and lockdown.

Tell us a little about your brand for those who may not yet know you?

Vinka Design takes it’s name from founder Vinka Lucas MNZM, an entrepreneur who paved the way for modern bridal design in New Zealand, since 1959. Today this legacy is upheld by her daughter Anita, who has spent her life mastering her craft working for the label, and who now stands at the helm. 

Our founding principles of outstanding New Zealand-made couture and an emphasis on bringing brides’ dreams to life, have endured for more than sixty years. Today the Vinka label stands alone in its heritage of design and romanticism.

Making a wedding dress is an art where it is not enough to create something of enduring beauty. A dress is not a piece that is made to be admired from a distance – it is made to be worn, and as such the driving force in it’s inception lies not in the fabric, accessories or motivations of the creator but in the identity of the person who will be wearing it.

This philosophy forms the backbone of all the work we do at Vinka Design and drives us as artists to create pieces that celebrate the silhouettes, compliment the characters and embrace the integrity of the women who will be wearing them. It’s how we know that what we design is couture.

What is your number one piece of advice for couples in this climate when choosing a bridal gown?

They may not be able to have the wedding they always dreamed of, but the most important thing to remember is that they are doing this together and that is what it is all about. What they wear and the photos they take will last forever, if you can’t have wedding you initially sought – don’t hold back on your attire and the photos to record it.

How are you handling COVID affected couples within your own business? 

We are trying to be as flexible as possible. People are so stressed with their plans being uprooted and with the uncertainty they are facing, the least we can do is be flexible and as accommodating as we can be. This has of course altered the way we do certain things, we have had brides at fittings with their families on facetime so they can share the excitement of the process! We are grateful to be able to offer our brides the support they need and for the support they have given us. We are also especially grateful for technology!

Thoughts on the future and how your business and sector may change or evolve? 

It is hard to say what the future will bring our industry. We are grateful we are a small and locally based business which has the ability to adapt to rapid change. With the way things are going it is likely weddings will be reduced in size, and people are changing the way they plan their weddings. It’s more important now than ever before that those within our industry continue to support each other and embrace these changes as best they can. Resistance will hold us back, acceptance will propel us forwards.

What do you do personally to cope with the stress of COVID and Lockdown? Any rituals or actions that help get you through? 

Indulging in a few treats (there is nothing like choccy and tea in bed)! Regular exercise always helps to clear the mind and fill your lungs with fresh air. Making a list with things to do and ticking off one item each day has provided a fruitful task. On the days where we don’t feel like doing much, ticking off one thing from the list is still an achievement – one that deserves to be acknowledged. Be kind to yourself and know that some days we need to be a little unproductive in order to be productive. This sounds counter-intuitive but our bodies need to rest so we can recharge our batteries! You can’t work on an empty tank. One of our big highlights of the day is getting rugged up with a glass of vino and watching Downton Abbey – if you haven’t seen it, you definitely should!

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