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George & Jane Wedding Photo & Film

George & Jane Photo & Film: Natural Storytelling with Editorial Flair

Letitia and Tim, professionally known as George & Jane, are a dynamic husband and wife duo with a fervour for capturing the very essence of love in each frame. They are storytellers who intricately weave narratives through their lenses.

Specialising in immortalising the intimate moments between couples, their natural storytelling approach coupled with a love for stunning portraits distinguishes them in the competitive wedding photography industry. Tish takes charge of the stills, while Tim adeptly handles the video side, offering couples the perfect amalgamation of visual storytelling on their special day.

The duo’s exceptional talent earned them a spotlight in one of Together Journal’s most iconic weddings, featured in Issue 28. This recognition underscores their artistry and unwavering commitment to crafting unforgettable visual tales. George & Jane’s work goes beyond merely documenting events; it encapsulates the unique love story of each couple, showcasing the individuality of their special day.

As a husband and wife team, George & Jane bring a personal touch to their work, capturing the romantic and natural moments with a hint of editorial flair. Their preference for true-to-life colours adds authenticity to their photographs, creating a timeless quality that resonates with their clients. They find joy in collaborating with couples who appreciate the significance of their cultural backgrounds and are meticulous in planning their big day.

What sets George & Jane apart is their ability to seamlessly integrate photography and videography, creating a harmonious style that resonates throughout their portfolio. This unique combination allows them to provide couples with a comprehensive visual narrative of their wedding, ensuring no precious moment goes unnoticed.

This year in 2024, George & Jane have exciting plans to explore the beauty of London, Spain, and Greece in August, followed by a rendezvous with romance in France in September. Their globetrotting escapades not only add a touch of adventure to their portfolio but also bring a worldly perspective to their storytelling.

In a world where love is celebrated in myriad ways, George & Jane continue to carve their niche by turning each wedding into a timeless masterpiece, reflecting the true essence of love, culture, and storytelling.

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