Achieving Your Dream Wedding Flowers with The Green Room Flower Co

The Green Room Flower Co are a boutique florist based in Wanaka who pride themselves on being the best at transforming bold and beautiful seasonal blooms into magical arrangements for your special day.

Renowned for their expertise, The Green Room Flower Co’s seasoned florists infuse creativity into each and every design, transforming your wedding into a gorgeous celebration with every petal aligning with your unique style as a couple. They are experts at weaving gorgeous blooms into your love story, so we thought we would pass on their expertise in how you can achieve your dream wedding florals.

Not sure where to start when planning your dream florals? Continue reading below…

Get clear on what your budget will allow/what you have allocated towards florals, this will give your florist a base to start with and a scope of budget to work with, we will make suggestions and provide options to suit.

We love and appreciate a good budget and understand the importance of sticking to them during your wedding planning process.

Flowers are an investment. We believe they are an integral part of your wedding day, they create and encompass a special feeling, a vibe that defines the overall atmosphere of your big day. Florals are some of the most photographed elements of your wedding day (a part from you, of course) and provide a vibrant backdrop for capturing moments throughout the day.

If you are in love with flowers (like us) then we suggest spending around 10-15% of your total wedding budget on florals.

To give you the best possible service it’s essential you provide us with your most realistic flower budget. This will enable us to guide you towards the best and most fitting solution for everyone involved. We can allocate spending to maximise impact in all the important areas and help you understand where your floral budget is best suited.

TIP 1: Set the vibe – follow and pick a florist you love! Make sure you’re on the same wavelength. Finding a florist with a portfolio full of designs you love is the best way to ensure your vision comes to life.

TIP 2: Give your florist the creative freedom to dream up an exceptional vision for your flowers. Florists have a deep-rooted connection with nature, are full-blown creative beings and are totally in love with flowers. With years of experience and expertise in the field, you have every reason to trust your florist and the journey they will take you on – so let the professionals work their magic!⁠

TIP 3: Research and be inspired, leverage your favourite wedding vendors, planning pages and Pinterest! We love to collaborate via Instagram or other such platforms to pull together a variety of inspiration to work from. We enjoy the planning process and reveal in concocting up the perfect mood board or style guide for your wedding flowers.

For more, or to get in touch with The Green Room Flower Co, visit their website HERE to Instagram HERE.