Photographer Nikita Pere

Introducing Nikita Pere, a photographer with a unique purpose and journey. 

Tell us a little about what you do your journey to get to where you are now?

I’m an Elopement & Intimate Wedding Photographer & Planner — my calling is to create extraordinary experiences for intentional couples. When couples reach out to me, it’s because they yearn for something beyond the ordinary, something meaningful, but they might not know where to begin. That’s where I step in, as a guiding light on this beautiful journey. I take the time to deeply understand my couples and what makes their love story uniquely theirs. Together, we embark on a co-creative process that completely reimagines what their wedding experience could be. Resulting in meaningful marriage experience grounded in intention and purpose, filling their hearts with hope and giving them back that excitement about the wedding process. 

This process has been a beautiful evolution, shaped by each unique couple I have had the honour of working with. I may have started as a “Wedding Photographer,” offering standard coverage and package options, but my heart knew there was more that I could offer, more ways to truly support and nurture couples on their special day. I’ve built my business by letting go of conventions and constantly asking myself, “How can I better serve these beautiful souls?” This approach has allowed me to embrace the true essence of being of service, making my work a true reflection of my passion and joy, and forging a unique space for myself in this industry. With every beat of my heart, I find purpose and alignment in creating unforgettable moments that celebrate the love between two souls destined to journey together.

What makes your style of photography and the way that you work so unique?

In my work, I let intuition be my guide, allowing the couple’s energy and the essence of the day to lead the way. I find myself embracing a slower pace, a mindful journey that allows me to connect deeply with my inner voice. I strive to elevate each couples experience and nurture the sacred energy that surrounds their special day. It might seem a bit “woo woo” to some, but that’s okay; it’s an integral part of who I am, and my couples resonate with this approach too.

The reviews I receive rarely focus on the quality of the photos (though my couples adore their galleries). Instead, they highlight the way I made them feel and the energy I brought to their day and overall experience. It fills my heart to know that I can leave a lasting positive impact on them and their wedding experience! I truly pour every ounce of my heart and soul into every moment we share together, creating an atmosphere of love and authenticity that is reflected in their final images. Each time I witness the profound connections my couples experience, it fills my own cup, and I am reminded of the immense privilege it is to be part of their sacred journey!

Do you have a favourite wedding to date that you have worked on? Why did you love it so much?

Oh gosh, to pick only one? That’s tough! Every wedding I capture holds a special place in my heart, each one unique and intentional in its own beautiful way. The couples I work with pour their hearts into every element of their day, and it’s an absolute joy to be part of! Watching the way someones special day evolves from having no clue on what they want to co-creating a unique and completely “them” experience and ceremony is so amazing.

From cleansing the ceremony space with positive energy to the surprise pounamu exchange, from reviving cultural traditions and ceremonies to cherishing century-old family heirlooms passed down through generations, and even honouring maternal lineages (of Witches, how cool!) with elemental handfasting ceremonies – each inclusion holds its own magic and beauty.

One heartfelt story I hold dear is Joyce and Eddie, who chose to escape to the stunning Scenic Rim in Queensland, one of their favourite places (and where I live!). Their day started simply with their morning coffee ritual and breakfast preparation, followed by a wildflower-picking adventure and preserving the blossoms in a flower press for cherished memories. They set up a picnic amid the blooms, exchanging heartfelt love letters and playing adorable games that they both cherished dearly. As the day unfolded, we hiked up to The Pyramids in Girraween National park, where they performed a sage ceremony and shared their vows under the setting sun on one side and the rising Aries Full Moon on the other. We captured breathtaking portraits under the luminous Full Moon before descending back down with our headlamps Their day was a tapestry of meaningful little rituals, and to document and witness these moments was so so special! I really do have the absolute best job in the world!

What would you like to do more of in the future and what are you working towards?

I’m currently working towards just inspiring people to embark on a profound reimagining of weddings. Let go of the expectations and norms that have been imposed upon us, and instead, allow your hearts to lead the way. Forget everything we’ve ever been told or shown how a wedding is supposed to look, and embrace the boundless, unconditional love that connects you, and let it guide you towards a day that will resonate with you forever.

I’d also love to witness the beauty of diverse cultures and heritages reclaiming their traditions (and creating new ones!). It’s disheartening to see how many of our precious customs have been lost due to the effects of colonization and forced assimilation by the church (a heavy subject, but a necessary conversation to have). I’d like to see the Wedding Industry stand together to embrace the richness of our past while creating new traditions that will pave the way for a more inclusive and vibrant future. Together, we shall paint a masterpiece of love and unity, celebrating our humanity in all its glorious diversity!

What or who inspires you in your work? What or who do you look to for inspiration? 

I’m deeply influenced by the wisdom of our Indigenous cultures and their inherent connection to energy and our Earth Mother. As I delve deeper into my own culture (Maori), embracing the tikanga (protocols) of our spirituality and traditions, it sparks fresh ideas on how I can nurture and hold space for my cherished couples.

I also draw inspiration from the tranquil embrace of nature. I find solace in contemplating how to infuse that sense of stillness and connection into someone’s experience. It’s a calling that stirs my heart, prompting me to create moments that are not only visually stunning but also deeply soulful and enriching.

 What IG accounts do you follow, and why do you love them?

Alex King Photography (@alexkingphotography) – I love her incredibly beautiful storytelling and her intimate connection to the ocean. She visually illustrates the intrinsic connection that indigenous cultures have to the natural world around us, and uses her art as a voice to raise awareness on our environmental impact upon this Earth.

A Quiet Wild (@aquietwild) – Wendy and her beautiful artworks have this incredible way of unlocking this deep sense of knowing and way of being. As though by looking at one of her images, you are somehow tapping in to a treasured experience of a past life. A wild existence that we’ve each explored at some stage of our souls journey — and I love getting lost in her art.

Hone Bailey (@honebailey) – Hone is a Maori artist/weaver/textile maker and absolutely talented at everything he touches. His feed is full of beautiful contemporary fashion designs as well as traditional weaving works infused with ancient ancestral knowledge that he shares generously with his audience. His art, his connection to nature, and his intentional approach to preserving the knowledge of our ancestors inspires me greatly.

For more information and to get in touch, visit Nikita’s website HERE, Instagram HERE or TikTok HERE