After years spent trialling products to tackle the effects of an autoimmune disease, Felicity Evans founded IMBIBE to bridge the gap between her depleted health and the vitality she knew she needed.

A collaborative effort between well-versed microbiologists and scientists, the bio-active skin and supplements line is grounded in the belief that beauty really does start from within.     

Miracle Collagen is one of the company’s most talked-about products and for good reason. 

Collagen is the well-known protein that holds our bodies together and keeps skin tight, plump and hydrated. But by our early twenties, collagen production begins to slow down meaning we have to intervene in order to support happy hair, skin and nail health.

Designed to increase skin elasticity, reduce wrinkle depth and prevent hair damage or loss, Miracle Collagen’s breakthrough formula is 100% bio-active.

Boasting 18 amino acids and a very special amino acid glycine in every tub, the hero product will help to promote bouncy, well-hydrated skin that’s lit from within.

Together Journal’s founder and editor, Greta Kenyon, has been trialling Miracle Collagen along with the Beauty Renewal Probiotic Concentrate for the last three months and has already started to notice the benefits.

“My nails are stronger, my skin is more radiant and my general wellbeing is a lot better since starting to take the Miracle Collagen,” she says. 

“The results have happened after combining the supplements with more exercise and stepping up my already healthy diet. Taking the product every morning has certainly motivated me to be more active, eat well and drink more water.”  

Designed for everyday use, one teaspoon can be whirled into any drink of your choice whether that’s your morning coffee or post-workout water.

Further information about Miracle Collagen can be found on the Miracle Collagen at Clean Beauty Collective

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