Jennifer Go Bridal Couture

Introducing a highly anticipated and exquisite new collection from Jennifer Go Bridal Couture.

Set against the mesmerising backdrop of Woodford, cradled within the idyllic embrace of the Blue Mountains, this enchanting photoshoot encapsulates the profound fondness Jennifer holds for this awe-inspiring locale. Recognizing it as the perfect complement to her newest collection, she aimed to fuse the collection’s allure with the untouched winter atmosphere and the unspoiled elegance of the Australian wilderness. The expansive and unmarked allure of the setting acts as an impeccable canvas, enhancing the magnificence of her remarkable collection.

At the helm of Jennifer Go Bridal is Jennifer herself – the founder, designer, and guiding energy. Her mission centres around assisting each bride in discovering the wedding gown they’ve always envisioned.

“I grew up seeing my mum having tea and chatting with her customers about all the beautiful dresses that they wanted, and seeing the process from a child’s eye; it was like magic to me. One minute it was just a sketch and the next a beautiful dress just ‘appeared’. Of course, looking back on it now, there was a lot of hard work involved, but it was no less magical” – Jennifer.

From an early age, Jennifer’s passion for fashion, textiles, and elegance was ignited. Growing up with her mother working as a dressmaker, she was consistently enveloped by exquisite fabrics, glistening embellishments, and the continuous melody of a sewing machine’s whir.

Jennifers’ journey to bridal couture took an unconventional route. Following a short venture into the corporate realm, she came to the realisation that she longed for personal connections, the human interactions involved in cultivating relationships with clients, and, most importantly, the artistic expression found in the realms of fashion and bridal design. And so, Jennifer Go, Bridal Couture, came into existence.

“I wanted to connect directly with my brides, I want to meet each of them individually and get to know their personality because your wedding dress is a special garment, so the whole process should also feel special!” – Jennifer.

Jennifer offers two different options – demi-couture and bespoke couture. The demi-couture collection starts from $4000, and bespoke couture from $7000 (AUD)

Among the many aspects that captivate us about this fresh collection, the array of styles stands out. Whether your heart desires a show-stopping couture gown, a chic short dress for the reception, or an elopement-friendly option.

And we are utterly captivated by the array of veils on offer. A veil possesses the power to transform the appearance of a bridal outfit entirely, and Jennifer presents a delightful selection of choices. From timeless classics to gracefully flouncy and intricately frilled designs and even tonal tulles.

To find out more, visit or @jennifergobridal