What a treat to experience the launch of Jo Malone London Poppy & Barley. This new addition to the Jo Malone London inline fragrance palette made its first appearance as part of the delightful English Fields fragrance collection.

We were invited to attend a lunch sitting which was immaculately styled and designed to recreate the feeling of being in an English field in summertime but with dramatic contemporary and creative elements like the beautiful giant handmade poppies which were used in a wonderland type installation which was perfect for taking photos within. After enjoying a delicious rhubarb spritz were seated at beautiful long blonde oak tables with willowy poppies and wildflowers surrounding us and our beautiful meal had touches of spring and summer fare as well as poppy seeds, of course.

And the Jo Malone London team even had a watercolour artist on-site painting custom water colour poppies for all attendees to take home. It’s no wonder this brand has a reputation for creating the most exquisite launch events.

The Poppy & Barley fragrance is best described as being vibrant and lively, the Poppy element is a unique floral scent enhanced further by its partners in this blend, violet and rose. Its then topped with juicy and decadent black currents and has hints of fig. This beautiful posy of florals and fruits is then embraced by deeper scents of bran and barley. It’s truly the scent of a beautiful English summer landscape, delicate and frivolous but with the addition of nourishing grains to give it a grounded, warm base.

As is tradition with Jo Malone London we were encouraged to layer this new fragrance with our other favourite Jo Malone scents. This is always such a fun and revealing exercise and is such a point of difference. It’s always so much fun layering these fragrances and experiencing new scent combinations, it is often very surprising and so nice to be able to create a fragrance that is more customised to the wearer.

Our two favourite combinations are Poppy & Barley mixed with Sage & Sea Salt (which is our long time forever favourite Jo Malone London Scent and we could not wait to rush home and combine it with this) and then Poppy & Barley mixed with Myrrh & Tonka was a very close second. And for those who love florals we can highly recommend Poppy & Barley mixed with Honeysuckle & Davinia. But of course, there are so many more possible combinations.

This new addition would be wonderful fragrance for a bride having a daytime wedding, but you don’t need to be getting married. This scent is suited perfectly to long summer days and evenings and if you are anything like us you will have lots of fun combining and layering it with your existing Jo Malone London favourite scents to make the perfect combinations for all your summertime soirees.

Available at Smith & Caughey’s

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