NZ Fashion Week 2023: Juliette Hogan

Juliette Hogan enraptured her at-capacity audience on the first night of NZ Fashion Week 23: Kahuria, with her fashion-forward designs suffused with elegance and ease.

The highly anticipated show was meticulously curated and flawlessly executed in every aspect, from the clothing to lighting, music and choreography. The fabrics were a mix of undulating silks, exquisite tonal prints, precision tailoring and ethereal, flowing feminine gowns with graceful drapery and intricate pleating.

The featured collection on display, 2023.FOUR brought a new sense of warmth and optimism for the summer months ahead. Alongside Juliette Hogan‘s signature muted and sophisticated palette, seasonal brights breathed new life into the aesthetic narrative achieving a perfect blend of the fresh and familiar.

This opulent array of styles is suited to all types of occasions, including weddings, embodying the epitome of sophistication. The entire collection resonated with a harmonious unity and a feeling of refinement.

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Amidst the array of designs, Juliette Hogan‘s runway featured garments that embrace bridal aesthetics, such as the exquisite use of asymmetrical necklines, adorned with the elegance of gorgeous silver metallic fabrics, alongside playfully captivating shimmery ensembles that add an element of joy and allure to the mix. These options would work perfectly for a second wedding outfit to dance the night away.

The clean-cut lines of the Juliette Hogan Tuxe Jacket would also elevate a bridal look, adding a touch of sophistication and modernity

The collection’s warmth was woven throughout the 36 runway looks styled by Creative Direction & Design Lead, Alice Feutz. Embracing fabrications that fit to the form and garments that epitomised elegant summers; through sleek silks, light linens, crisp cottons and detailed lattice broderie. Feminine and fluid pieces were juxtaposed with masculine shapes as part of Juliette’s ongoing subtle but purposeful exploration of this interplay through her designs.

Quintessential JH pieces in meandering hues and graphic floral motifs seemed in constant conversation with the natural world around us. While soft pinks and candy brights in fluid drapery were anchored by darker tones and earthy neutrals in structured suiting staples. These ensembles also present an ideal choice for those seeking attire for summer events and weddings.

Models walking runway at Juliette Hogan nzfw 2023

Juliette Hogan‘s pieces promise to elevate with an unparalleled sense of style. Through a runway that pulsated with energy and creativity, these fashion-forward designs have undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the fashion landscape, resonating with both the present moment and enduring allure.

The Collection 2023.FOUR presentation was an invitation to experience the warm and nostalgic embrace of summer. An intelligent and sensitive reflection of this moment, yet infused with the timeless perspective of the brand, and striking that perfect balance between luxury and simplicity. 

To learn more visit Juliette Hogan or @juliettehogan