No, but really, who is Elijah you ask? Well, Elijah is our latest discovery and he comes in the form of five mysterious and seductively packaged scents that entice and blur the line between masculine and feminine.

We took home the five-set of vials, perfect for trying the collection, travelling or generally just poring over.

The scents are chic, clean, modern and were born from the idea to create a modern luxury fragrance house that was ethical, affordable and desirable enough to rival even the biggest fragrances brands.

“Our scents are ephemeral and monochromatic elements symbolise our clean-cut, modernist aesthetic. We embody quintessential minimalism” claims entrepreneur and founder Raquel Bouris

And we agree; the modernist and monochromatic ideals are evident at very first glance. The vial’s sleek silhouette is Instagram perfect and easily slipped into the side pocket of a handbag, laptop case or even your back-pocket.

And so we have sat with the fragrances for a week now and tried and worn each different perfume throughout an entire day, or more. At times reapplying throughout the day to fully immerse our senses, both tactile and nasal to really get to know each fragrance. And this is what we think…

His | Her: It’s the bergamot for us! It shines through bright in this one and it’s utterly captivating. It has a sense of green nostelgia tied down and earthed with sandalwood and amber. Will absolutely wear this myself over and over again and will give it to my lover to wear too.

Haze: It’s a smokey, spicey orange blossom delight laced with the sweet scent of vanilla. The cashmere, clove and cedarwood are unexpected but translate perfectly into this heady, hypnotising and decadent scent. Perfect for long, fun nights out.

Muse: The warm florals and jasmine are very evident at first but they quickly dry down to reveal the grounding woody amber, agarwood and moss. It’s musky and sensual and likely to get you noticed and possibly into trouble.

Nomad: Jasmine leads the way for her friend the sensual Bulgarian rose, these two are always such a great pair. Cleverly grouped with Saffron, almond and amber wood to round off the feminine floral tones. This fragrance is unexpected, a little complex, great for so many occasions and sure to turn heads.

Her | Her: Fresh citrus in the form of grapefruit greets you at the door followed closely by bergamot and orange blossom. These spritely notes are toned down by rosemary, cedarwood and musk. This adaptable scent will take you through from day to night and back again. If I was only allowed to pack one for a trip I’d pick this one (but I’m taking them all!).

In short, we love them all. each one is different but with a common and at times dramatic botanical thread. They are all strong scents, not for the faint-hearted and we love that they float between all genders.

We love discovering smaller boutique fragrance houses; ones willing to take risks in a saturated market full of competitors; because they truly believe something is missing and they can do better.

We found Elijah to be slick and covetable, ethical with a design edge and utterly hypnotic.

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