The Zoe & Morgan Modern Love collection celebrates love in all forms. As rings aren’t always made for weddings and engagements, the wonderful team at Zoe & Morgan have designed a collection that honours all kinds of love.

By using carefully and mindfully curated materials, they ensure that the meaning and impact on our planet from creating your special pieces are based on their values – using recycled, fine quality metals and stones from ethical sourcing. Continue reading below for some of Together Journal’s favourite pieces from Zoe & Morgan’s Modern Love Collection.

Whether it’s a ring for your life partner, a milestone or celebration gift or a symbol of self-admiration, Zoe & Morgan’s Modern Love collection pieces can be tailored to suit you and what you love, they’re also made to last a lifetime and are pieces you will treasure and carry throughout the years to come.

Some of our favourite pieces at Together Journal are the Mon Cheri Engagement Ring in blue sapphire and yellow gold (pictured above), the sapphire Together band in lilac, green and blue (pictured below) as well as the Orion hammered yellow gold band. All of the Modern Love pieces are inclusive and celebrate connection and limitless love.

Visit the Zoe & Morgan website HERE or Instagram HERE for more.