Zoe & Morgan – New Sirocco Collection

The latest collection by Zoe & Morgan is named Sirocco. It is their 30th jewellery collection and key design aspects were conceived when they visited Morocco, a place which boasts the feeling of freedom. Something we feel they have encapsulated beautifully in the pieces and the supporting campaign.

Morgan photographed the campaign for Sirocco, and as is the Zoe & Morgan way they used a close family as a model and stylist “It was a delight to work with our lovely model and friend Melodi Marsh, alongside our longtime collaborator Philly Piggot, who styled the shoot. We used all vintage clothing from the 70s, and it was a fun adventure to travel around together to capture some beautiful images”.

So hard to choose favourites when it comes to Zoe & Morgan but for us, the Eagle necklace above conveys perfectly the feeling of freedom that this collection stands for. It also feels very indicative of the brands style and love for nature. And its a piece that will always remain in style.

The dainty Izil bracelet above is the perfect layering piece and again would make the perfect gift for maids or a special friend.

We think the Lunja earring above or the Melody earring below would make perfect bridal earrings. Either for the bride-to-be or as a gift for your maids that they could wear on the day of the wedding and treasure forever afterwards.

The Melody earring above is a perfect example of balanced design harmony.

“When exploring the colourful and ancient Medina of Marrakech, you can see why Talitha Getty, Yves Saint Laurent and other fabulous characters flocked here in the 60s and 70s. Around every corner is a new delight for the senses, intricate architecture, hidden riads and a feeling of continuity of history.”

So pretty side by side. The Izil earring alongside the Sasha earring pictured above.

We love how cohesive this collection is and how well the pieces work together and with past collections. It’s amazing how Zoe & Morgan always manage to come up with completely new covetable collections whilst still maintaining respect for past pieces that you mix in seamlessly with the new.

This collection is named after Sirocco, which comes from the warm, dry wind that travels up from Africa and through the Sahara desert. The sirocco winds could be felt while shooting and reflected the idea of freedom, which is a core value at Zoe & Morgan.

The Sirocco collection focuses on a mix of clean-cut geometric textures, graphic lines and symbolic looking shapes, that can be large in size yet remain light and easy to wear. They are also made perfect for wearing alone or layered, as is often the Zoe & Morgan way.

The Sasha necklace above is so feminine and celestial and comes in silver or gold with a choice of stone.

The new collection features some gorgeous stones like Chrome Diopside – a beautiful bright green stone that captures an emerald-like feel, and Brown Zircon which is the oldest material dated from this planet (as seen in the above two images). In the Middle Ages, the Brown Zircon was believed to help the wearer with sleep, bring riches, honour, and wisdom.

There really is something for everyone here. If ornate is not quite your style then there are pieces like these Tasa bracelets (and earrings to match in varying sizes) which offer a more streamlined look.

The pieces of this collection are designed to be worn together or layered with your other treasured Zoe & Morgan jewels. To see more of this incredible new collection visit Zoe & Morgan