Zoe & Morgan release Chapter Two

Once again inspired by the magnificence of the ocean, Zoe & Morgan introduce Chapter Two, the sequel to their highly sought after collection, Mutiara. Below is an edit of some of our favourite pieces, but there is more to see over at Zoe & Morgan

Mutiara by Zoe & Morgan took us on a journey to the bottom of the ocean, escaping the chaos of this world to find calm in unique shapes, textures and colours of vibrant corals. Continuing the love letter to the sea and its treasures, Chapter Two was inspired by the clean, linear form of seashells.

Since antiquity, the shell was seen to symbolise femininity and often represents strength and protection. Intrigued by this history and mythical creatures of the ocean, the New Zealand atelier named each piece in this collection after a mermaid.

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Previous Zoe & Morgan collections have been influenced by flowing water quiet ripples. We see that once again reflected in the body of the Adella earrings. This design draws focus back to the beauty of the pearl in the centre.

We love how Zoe & Morgan draw inspiration from past collections while looking to the future and finding beauty in the most unique forms.

Chapter Two features delicate, natural freshwater pearls float over 3D printed geometric forms, creating styles that are comfortable and lightweight to wear but also graphic and striking. Gentle curves throughout the collection hint to playful elegance, each piece taking you from day to night with ease.

The Pearl Earrings are subtle and delicate, perfect for everyday wear with a touch of etherial. Encased by your choice of silver or gold, this design elevates the pearls detail, creating layers of elegance.

The Coralia earrings are a statement in shape with subtle texture, reminiscent of the unique textures found at the bottom of the ocean. Romantic and wild all in one.

Named after the Greek goddess of dolphins, we see the clean linear lines inspired by seashells in the Delphina earrings. The gentle curve is elegant and sleek while the pearl boasts iridescent lustre.

The Ariel Ring is a delight that wraps its self around a finger or thumb. Its is a playful tribute to both mermaids and sea shells. We love this! Such a sweet gift for a friend in either silve (as above) or gold (as below)

We can clearly see how this sequel embodies femininity, strength and protection. From statement to subtle we know the pieces in this collection will be adored by modern women looking to express distinct individuality.

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