Destination Wedding Photographers

For Issue 33 of Together Journal, we’ve curated a list of the best destination wedding photographers across the world.

If you’ve decided to marry somewhere incredible, you’ll need an intrepid photographer who’s as excited about your dream destination as you are. Here, you’ll find some of our favourite wedding photographers, and where they plan to travel next year.

Benjamin Wheeler

I tell the story of your wedding day in a captivating and organic way, working collaboratively with couples who trust me to catch the big moments and the small. I take an imaginative approach, moving with the natural flow of things, shooting predominantly digital, with a little film.

WHERE I’LL BE IN 2024—Based in London, and available worldwide., @benjaminwheeler

Renee Green

With a background in interior design and landscape architecture, I see light and composition a little differently. I use the surrounding architecture to document the day, and I invest a lot of time in getting to
know couples. I still get so excited about every wedding I photograph.

WHERE I’LL BE IN 2024—UK & Europe from June to August., @reneegreencreative

Maryna Cherednikova

I am passionate about illuminating both fashion details and authentic emotions. I’ve shot destination weddings since 2016 and love to capture traditions from different cultures. I speak English, Ukrainian and
Russian, and am learning Italian.

WHERE I’LL BE IN 2024—Japan in March; available for Europe bookings August-September. Based in Sydney, Australia., @marynacherednikova

Psealms Photo & Film

I’m inspired by small moments: the smell of grass, the sound of wind and genuine human connections. I have an eye for detail, and feel things deeply. I believe a wedding day should be captured as it happens and I create photographs that are authentic.

WHERE I’LL BE IN 2024—Bali in February & March; the Philippines in October; UK & Europe in November., @psealms

Our Heritage & Co

I’m inspired by nature, especially the ocean and the beach. My style is to be calm and flexible with timings, adjusting to different scenarios, weather and lighting. We stick to what you want – if, on the day, you would like to do something a little different, we can.

WHERE I’LL BE IN 2024—NZ in January & February; Fiji in April; Los Angeles, Utah & New York in September & October., @ourheritageandco

Amanda Kelly Photography

I have been shooting travel since 2015. My style is natural, candid, and a bit cinematic. I love photos that feel like a movie scene: those split seconds of reaching for your partner’s hand, leaning into each other, moments of love and connection.

WHERE I’LL BE IN 2024—California in June & July; Bali in September; NZ in November & December.,

Still Muse Photography

Over 17 years of capturing weddings, my style is editorial and photojournalistic. I create images that stand out in a sea of endless scrolling. 4k wedding highlights movies, nostalgic Super 8 film footage, and video for content creation.

WHERE I’LL BE IN 2024—Western Australia in May; New York in June/July; Ireland, London, Italy and Greece in July & August, NZ in late 2024.,

Alegria Photo & Film

We are photojournalists: moments are captured as they spontaneously happen, filled with emotion, and with a hint of editorial flair. We are driven by the fulfilment of capturing precious memories and the joy couples have when looking over our photos and film.

WHERE WE’LL BE IN 2024—Queenstown in March; Europe from June to September., @alegriaphotoandfilm

La Marie Photography

My style is elegant, emotive and timeless, a mix of candid and artful. It’s super important to me to tell the story of a couple in a way that is unique and true to them, to capture honest, intimate portraits. I’m inspired by art, fashion, landscapes and amazing lighting.

WHERE I’LL BE IN 2024—France, Italy & Greece in July-September.,

Benny Wylde

You know how some people love the feeling of a weighted calming blanket? Imagine that, but as a person, and that calm weighted blanket person also enjoys shooting weddings. I’m an observer, not
too in your face but also not too much of a fly on the wall. I love to shoot on old 35mm film cameras.

WHERE I’LL BE IN 2024—Italy, Portugal, Spain, France, Iceland, Scotland, England & Ireland, from June to October., @itsbennywylde

Rachael Khoo

It’s important that we connect as individuals and friends. This impacts the day, how it’s planned, and what the end product looks like. I’m detail-oriented and focused on the narrative of the day, attuned to soaring emotions and the intentional details crafted by the couple. I’m inspired by old world architecture, and the nostalgia and imperfection of film.

WHERE I’LL BE IN 2024—Australia, NZ & Bali in 2024, Europe in 2025., @byrachaelkhoo

Forever and Always Photography

I create a safe space for couples to look and feel amazing, while capturing imagery to cherish for a lifetime. I tell the story of the whole day, with personality and emotion, collecting candid and posed moments as well as beautiful details.

WHERE I’LL BE IN 2024—I’m excited to be returning to Greece., @forever_andalwaysphotography

Hannah Hughes Photography

I create calmness so I can capture your love authentically, no matter who you are or what your love story looks like. I want you to walk away with images that feel personal and timeless, displayed proudly for generations to come. I’ve shot in Australia, Fiji, Italy, and the Philippines.

WHERE I’LL BE IN 2024—Based in NZ, available year-round overseas., @hannahhughesphotographer

Meredith Lord

Documentary photography with a relaxed, editorial approach. I like unposed moments, but will offer a little direction throughout the day to help you feel at ease. I love the light and architecture in Europe. It’s always an adventure! I love hearing couples’ stories, how they met, what their story is. I honestly love what I do – it’s a passion, not a job.

WHERE I’LL BE IN 2024—Italy, France, Scotland & the UK from June to August., @meredithlord

Keryn Sweeney

I focus on both the big and small moments, and the connection between the couple and their guests. I love the whole process, from coming up with visual concepts before the wedding to doing all the curating and editing. Each wedding is a personal artistic project for me. I shoot on 35mm and 120mm film and I offer clients either a blend of digital and film, or just film.

WHERE I’LL BE IN 2024—France & Spain in August and September., @kerynsweeneyphotographer

Ellen May Photography

I create a relaxed atmosphere, allowing couples to feel genuine joy. I strive to capture the feeling, the fun and the unique personalities in each shot. I am captivated by the emotions that dance in the air, the
connections that radiate pure love, and the incredible beauty that unfolds in every moment. It is a privilege to immortalise these precious moments.

WHERE I’LL BE IN 2024—Japan in June; NZ in July; Bali in August.,

Ali Bailey Photographer

I have an editorial eye, and I lean heavily into capturing moments over staged shots. I want your photos to feel like they were taken at a party everyone would have been jealous of not attending. I never get sick
of looking through my family albums for inspiration. They provide the most nostalgic and loving feelings, something I want for my couples when they look at their photos.

WHERE I’LL BE IN 2024— Italy, France and Spain in July, August and September., @_alibailey

Joeyy Lee Photo

I have a clean, cinematic style and love making photos that look like stills from a movie: true to events, true to emotion, highlighting the landscape, utilising the warmth of the sunlight. I’m going to get right amongst it, catching the smiles on your faces and the tears as they fall.

WHERE I’LL BE IN 2024—South Australia in January & February; South Korea in February & October; Melbourne in April; New York City in July; Gold Coast & Byron Bay in September., @joeyyleeweddings

Nisha Ravji

I’m a big believer in being all-in on your big day. I’ve photographed more than 400 weddings across 30 countries. I’ve learnt that the best moments are the ones that are least expected. I’m here for the images that still matter in another 50 years’ time.

WHERE I’LL BE IN 2024—NZ in January, March and December; South Africa in February & March; Australia in March; UK & Europe from April to October; USA in May., @nisharavji

Street and Studio Photography

I’m all about making sure you guys are having the best day of your lives, which means taking the anxiety out of wedding photos and portraits. Let’s have fun! By combining the creative elements with heart and soul, you will have magic imagery you can feel.

WHERE I’LL BE IN 2024—Greece (no travel fees) and Italy from July 20 to September 10. Open to travel anywhere., @streetandstudio

Melissa Clark Photography

I’m always up for an adventure. You want to hike to your ceremony at the top of a mountain? I’ll pack my camera gear and carry your champagne. Want to have your bridal portraits amongst the buzz of a busy
city? I’ll find the cutest laneways with the best lighting.

WHERE I’LL BE IN 2024—UK & Europe from June to August; Queenstown and NZ from September to May., @melissaclarkphotos

Oh My Beating Heart

My style sits somewhere between editorial and documentary, with elements of romance and fun. I love fashion-forward weddings with a whole lot of heart. I’m hugely inspired by the places I visit — historical buildings, rugged landscapes and music — and travel as often as I can. New Zealand has always been on my list of wedding locations to shoot.

WHERE I’LL BE IN 2024—Australia & NZ; Europe & the UK., @ohmybeatingheart

Kristin Piteo

My style is artful, editorial and authentic. I have captured destination weddings all over Europe, South Africa and the United States, with weddings in Asia and South America to come. I pursue genuine
connections and tailor the experience to the vision and personality of each couple, organically portraying their love.

WHERE I’LL BE IN 2024—Colombia; Indonesia; France; Italy; Spain; Portugal; UK; Mexico, & the USA., @kristinpiteophoto

Skye Carter

I make sure I have found common ground with the couples I shoot and that we have laughed a lot. I understand their concerns and priorities and they know I have their back. My couples are fully able to let their guard down and trust me, and I think that shines through in the images I capture. My pictures are honest, emotive and romantic, with a cinematic use of light and attention to detail.

WHERE I’LL BE IN 2024—France, Italy & Spain from June to August., @_skyecarterphotographer

Anica Hofmann Photography

I combine fine art photography with editorial style, capturing the romance, nerves and excitement of each couple’s day. As a German raised in Australia, I travelled regularly from an early age, which has shaped a passion for new places, different cultures, and historic architecture.

WHERE I’LL BE IN 2024—Europe, UK, Italy, France, Germany & London from June to September, @anicahofmannphotography

End of Time Weddings

We are renowned in the industry and highly sought-after by couples for our romantic approach, editorial elegance and contemporary style of visual storytelling. Our photographers and cinematographers pair seamlessly to ensure your memories are immortalised in each frame.

WHERE WE’LL BE IN 2024—Europe from July to September; Fiji in June & September; Australia all year round., @endoftimeweddings

Chloe Abotomey

I exclusively commit to 15 weddings a year, ensuring I can invest myself wholly in each couple. I take time to understand each love story, visit venues, and collaborate with vendors, aiming to create tailored, unforgettable experiences. My photography isn’t just about capturing moments — it’s about breathing life into the couple’s unique vision.

WHERE I’LL BE IN 2024—Bali in June & July; Fiji in August; New Caledonia in September., @chloeabotomey_photography


Specialising in fine art photography, I blend documentary authenticity with artistic creativity to capture the genuine emotions and intricate details. From rehearsals to the wedding day and recovery, I’m dedicated to documenting every moment of your journey. I weave together light, emotion, and unique details, creating an experience as beautiful as the images.

WHERE I’LL BE IN 2024—Australia from January to May; Europe from June to September., @kyrafols

Bella Pelagio

With a background as a fashion photographer, I bring a fashion-forward perspective to create stunning images that make a statement. I love creating visually striking compositions, using both digital and 35mm film photography. I am a total romantic and am inspired by the intimate and unguarded moments that unfold.

WHERE I’LL BE IN 2024—UK & France in late May to early June; Italy, Spain & Portugal in August., @bellaweddings_

George & Jane

We are a husband and wife duo. Our style is romantic and natural, with a hint of editorial. We love true-to-life colours and being creative with our shots. We work with couples who love stories, their cultures, and plan their special days. We offer both photography and video, and work to create a seamless style between the two.

WHERE WE’LL BE IN 2024—London, Spain & Greece in August; France in September., @georgeandjane__