Editorial Photographers

Are you in search of a photographer who can add a touch of editorial elegance to your photos? Credit: The above photograph by alicemahran.com

We’ve carefully assembled a curated list featuring some of our favourite photographers skilled in capturing weddings with a fashion editorial edge.

Editorial-style wedding photography can bring an artistic and unique perspective to your wedding photos. It focuses on storytelling and capturing moments in a visually compelling way, enhancing the visual appeal of your wedding photos and giving them a high-fashion or magazine-worthy look.

Dani Rodriguez

Photo credits: @bringmesomewherenice

Dani Rodriguez studied documentary photography in Barcelona, where he discovered the great masters of 20th-century photography. This became one of his main sources of inspiration. Dani is known to incorporate elements of fashion and editorial photography into weddings to create a more stylized and artistic result. He also pays a lot of attention to all the human connections and candid moments when shooting weddings in order to create images with a deeper meaning that will last forever.

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Norman & Blake

Photo credits: @normanandblake

Norman & Blake is a photography duo composed of Shannen Norman & Emily Blake. Having two unique sets of experienced eyes covering the day resulted in images that proved to be rich and complementary. The duo have over 20 years of combined experience in professional photography and have worked across the globe in places like New York, Paris, France, Greece, and Thailand. 

See more here: @normanandblake / normanandblake.com

Bayleigh Vedelago

Photo credits: @bayleighvedelago

Acknowledged for its ease and style, Bayleigh’s photography has since attracted couples looking for refined modern imagery that carries a relaxed and timeless sense of elegance and beauty. Bayleigh seeks to capture images with a considered eye and a truthful approach. Her intention is to create imagery that feels joyful and informal, but distinguished by warmth, humanity, and style. 

Bayleigh was recognized as one of the 5 best wedding photographers in Sydney by Harper’s Bazaar and Elle and was also listed amongst the top 35 wedding photographers in Australia via The Lane. 

See more here: @bayleighvedelago / bayleighvedelago.com

La Dichosa

Photo credits: @ladichosa

La Dichosa is composed of the married couple Majo & Xavi. They believe that there is no limit to creativity when artists like them photograph what they are passionate about, freely and from the heart. Majo & Xavi’s hearts are moved by beautiful things, amazing architecture, great interior design pieces, sustainable fashion style, and love which helps distinguish their photography style.

See more here: @ladichosa / ladichosafotografia.com

Evia Zachariah

Photo credits: @eviazachariah

Evia Zachariah is an international editorial wedding photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. Evia takes a gentle approach, combining elegance with emotion, her frames are focused on documenting the honest, soulful moments through her signature editorial style. Bringing a combination of candid documentary photography with the polished, editorial aesthetic of a fashion magazine, she effortlessly creates breathtaking images that are rich in emotion and detail.

See more here: @eviazachariah / eviazachariah.com

Alice Mahran

Photo credits: @alicemahran

Alice Mahran has always had a penchant for discovering new places and the talents to take her there, having spent over 11 years travelling the world as a photographer. Her works have made her known as a sensitive photographer in which the ambience and her subjects are captured with respect and beauty while still telling their stories honestly.

Alice is named one of the 5 best wedding photographers in Sydney by Elle & Harper Bazaar.

See more here: @alicemahran / alicemahran.com

Sarah Tonkin Photography

Photo credits: @sarahtonkinphotography

Sarah’s signature style is her clean, romantic, and timeless photography. She creates authentic images that capture the connection between couples in an unobtrusive, natural way. Sarah is an experienced wedding photographer and has shot hundreds of weddings both locally and around the world, from smaller boutique elopements to large opulent occasions. She resides in Perth, Australia, and shoots worldwide.

See more here: @sarahtonkinphotography / sarahtonkin.com.au

Keryn Sweeney

Photo credits: @kerynsweeneyphotographer

Keryn Sweeney is an Auckland-based wedding and editorial photographer. Keryn’s background
in fashion photography filters through her work and her experience behind the camera allows her to approach each environment in a relaxed and informal manner. Her ability to capture moments and tell stories in a creative and organic way often encourages spontaneous moments that result in beautiful, authentic images.

See more here: @kerynsweeneyphotographer / kerynsweeneyweddings.com

Jonny Scott

Photo credits: @jonnyscottphoto

Jonny and Pia are a husband-and-wife photography duo from Auckland, New Zealand known for their editorial-style wedding photography. The couple’s shared creative eye and passions for photography and storytelling allowed them to naturally venture into wedding photography. Since then, Jonny and Pia have been immortalising love stories on camera both locally and abroad.

See more here: @jonnyscottphoto / jonnyscottphoto.com

Cassandra Ladru

Photo credits: @cassandraladru

Cassandra Ladru is a journalistic style wedding and lifestyle photographer, with a background in fashion photography and an eye for beautiful details. With a unique talent for encompassing raw emotion in a frame and hypnotised by the romance of two souls in love, she captures moments unseen, effortlessly. Cassandra’s expertise is in the details – creating a visual story weaved from the truly intimate and celebratory moments. The outcome is incomparable, painting a picture so vivid for a couple to forever hold.

See more here: @cassandraladru / cassandraladru.com

These talented artists infuse their work with a timeless, sophisticated fashion editorial edge, ensuring that your cherished memories will always radiate an iconic and feminine allure. The elevated and emotive fashion-inspired shots they create remain eternally stylish and iconic.

We will keep bringing you collections of editorial-inspired photographers. In the meantime, check out our curated list of Wedding Photographers in Europe 2024.