Wedding Photographers in Europe 2024

Discover the best wedding photographers in Europe for 2024 recommended by Together Journal.

Europe, with its timeless landscapes, rich cultural diversity, and romantic charm, has always been a dream destination for weddings. So, if a Euro wedding is on your radar in the near future, enjoy this curated list of the finest photographers in Europe for the 2024 wedding season.

Benjamin Wheeler

Benjamin Wheeler is a fine art wedding photographer based in London, available across the UK, Europe, and worldwide. Benjamin masterfully shot the wedding of Heather & Matt in Provence, France which was selected to grace the cover of Together Journal Issue 32. His distinctive style and impeccable attention to detail make him a sought-after choice for couples seeking timeless and exquisite wedding photography.

Feature lead in image also shot by Benjamin Wheeler.

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Haute Weddings

Over the last decade, Cam & Julia of Haute Weddings have captured the love stories of exceptional couples across the globe, including a handful of weddings that have been featured in Together Journal. Haute Weddings blur the lines between fashion-forward exploration and timeless elegance, to create images that honour the true significance of one of life’s most special days. Capturing weddings worldwide, they have become known for their distinctive editorial style and their considered attention to detail.

Haute Weddings are based in Europe & New Zealand.

Kristin Piteo

Kristin Piteo is a seasoned destination wedding photographer and she’s captured love stories across Europe, South Africa, and the United States. Her photography is intricately intertwined with the profound connections she builds with each couple. Through her lens, she artfully conveys the full spectrum of a love story, organically bringing forth the depth and authenticity of a relationship, inside and out. She is based in Europe and the US.

Stephan & Nikita

Stephan & Nakita are all about love in its many forms and capturing that through photo & film is what they love most. They are seasoned travel photographers and have spent a lot of time overseas shooting destination weddings and elopements for couples all over the world, even having a destination wedding themselves. They will be in the UK & Europe from April — Dec 2024.

See their work here: Francesca + Thomas by Stephan & Nakita

Monique Maarschalk Photography

Monique Maarschalk Photography specialises in capturing weddings with a modest and intuitive approach. Her photography style is a perfect match for free-spirited couples seeking a natural and authentic representation of their special day. With a talent for storytelling and a focus on genuine emotions, Monique’s work transforms moments into timeless memories, creating stunning visual narratives that truly stand out in the world of wedding photography. Located in Copenhagen, Denmark, Monique is available worldwide.

Luisa Apanui

Luisa Apanui is an international photography and videography duo based in New Zealand & Europe. They capture artful images and films for modern-day romantics that honour style, timeless aesthetic and a chic editorial feel. Luisa Apanui portrays each love story in an honest and unique way. Luisa is based in NZ and central Europe and is available worldwide. In 2024, from May to October, Luisa will be in Greece, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Italy, France, Netherlands and the UK.

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Renee Green

Renee Green is an accomplished wedding and portrait photographer based in South East Queensland, Australia. Renee’s skills have been sought after internationally, having photographed work from Australia to New York. Her effortless approach to photographing weddings combines a documentary, candid and editorial style, reflective of each individual couple and tailored to their tastes.

Renee will be shooting weddings in Europe in June & July 2024.

Aimee Preston

Aimee Preston is a seasoned wedding photographer with over a decade of expertise and multiple features in Together Journal. With her ability to craft timeless collections, Aimee skillfully captures the authenticity and emotion of each wedding day. Infused with her passion for editorial storytelling, she seamlessly blends both digital and film formats. Aimee will be in Italy & Europe in September & October 2024.

Nisha Ravji

Nisha Ravji has spent the last decade shooting weddings in over 30 countries and specialises in capturing destination weddings with timeless documentation. With a focus on the genuine moments that happened not only between you and your chosen one but the people who travelled far and wide to celebrate. She aims to curate galleries that remind you not only of how incredible you looked, but how your day truly felt.

Nisha is Europe-based and spends the Southern Hemisphere summers in New Zealand.

Lato Photography

Laura and Tommaso of Lato Photography are a talented wedding photography duo based in Italy. Their aesthetic is a mix between fashion, editorial and documentary photography with a touch of elegance and visual storytelling. They have an impressive portfolio of modern weddings across many locations in Europe.

Skye Carter

Skye Carter‘s work of evocative images draws you into the frame and speaks to your soul. Her background in fine art and fashion photography shines through with poetic details, dreamy lighting, and an intuitive sense of composition. Skye’s intentional yet organic aesthetic goes beyond expectations, crafting multidimensional, spontaneous, and profound images. But what truly defines her style is her warm, nostalgic, and empathetic approach, ensuring a strong connection and a sense of complete ease. She will be in Europe in June and July 2024 and will be travelling to France, Italy and Mallorca.

White Shutter Photography

Anne from White Shutter Photography captures adventures love stories around the world for the wild-hearted and hopelessly romantic. She’ll be based in Europe for the summer of 2024 in August and September. As a seasoned traveller, she knows how to travel cost-effectively and make the most of every location.

Emily Rose Photography

Emily of Emily Rose Photography has built up an impressive portfolio of weddings that capture raw emotions, unique light, elegant details, and pure happiness. Emily’s had various weddings featured in Together Journal and while currently being based in the UK, she’s shot weddings in New Zealand, Sweden, Montenegro, France, Iceland, Italy, and Ireland.

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Bubblerock have a minimalist and editorial style that is full of humanity. Their photography has a sense of timelessness and a modern edge. Bubblerock predominantly shoot on analog and they’re not shy with it. They embrace its imperfection and revel in its texture and light, it’s full of energy, duality, humanity, and tangible goodness. Based in New Zealand, they shoot weddings all across Europe.

Hayley Rafton

Hayley Rafton‘s photography is a harmonious fusion of modern elegance and editorial finesse, resulting in timeless images that authentically mirror a couple’s unique personality. Her contemporary and natural approach is enlivened by a hint of editorial flair, capturing moments with an artistic eye. Hayley places paramount importance on cultivating a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere during her shoots, allowing couples to be their genuine selves and savor every moment in front of her lens. She will be based in Europe in June 2024.

Bek Smith

Bek Smith tells beautiful stories through her natural, light-drenched photographs that have a sense of timeless elegance. Bek’s background in fashion photography also beautifully filters through her work. You can see it in her compositions and the way she works with natural light. All of the exquisite details and personal touches which help paint the story of a wedding day are all beautifully documented. Bek will be in Europe in July and August 2024.

Meredith Lord

Meredith Lord has a distinct style in capturing the essence of modern couples on their special day. Meredith has a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, resulting in relaxed, editorial wedding photography that beautifully encapsulates the genuine emotions and unique personalities of each couple. Meredith will be in Italy, France, Scotland & the UK from June to August 2024 and is happy to accomadate other destinations around Europe.

Alegria Photo & Film

Gabby & Ray of Alegria Photo & Film capture the often-overlooked nuances effortlessly. Their style combines authentic and timeless elements with a hint of editorial flair. Their creative storytelling through visuals brings every moment to life in a way that’s truly unique. Based in Melbourne, Alegria Photo & Film is available worldwide and will be based in Europe throughout June – September 2024.

Patty Lagera

Patty Lagera captures warm, gentle, and genuine moments. She enjoys revealing the true essence of her subjects, showcasing their hearts, love, and joy. Her primary objective is to guarantee that the frames she captures remain honest, authentic, and enduring. Her ultimate goal is to make her subjects feel comfortable in their own skin and provide them with memories to cherish for lifetimes to come. Patty will be based in Italy in July & August 2024 and is happy to travel to other locations.

Patty is a photographer and videographer and will be offering both services while in Europe.

Anne De Geyter

Anne De Geyter is not just a collector of images but a masterful narrator of memories. When it comes to capturing weddings, Anne’s unique talent shines through as she injects humor and playfulness into her artistry. The outcome? A stunning collection of photos that radiate with genuine joy, laughter, and happiness. Anne is based in Belgian and available across Europe.

Sapphire Studios

Sapphire Studios is all about capturing the raw, authentic, and natural moments that make a wedding day so special. Based in New Zealand, Sapphire Studios has an impressive portfolio of international weddings. They combine modern editorial style with timeless cinematic imagery and are taking bookings for weddings in Europe in 2024.

Amour Weddings

Amour Weddings is the perfect balance of documentary meets editorial with a focus on flooding your galleries with honest connections and genuine emotions. Sarah & Connor work as a team to capture your love story through photo & video, bringing you a cohesive look across both. They take pride in creating an organised yet relaxed environment, offering an experience that brings out the best of you. They will be based in the UK and Europe from April – September 2024.

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