Meredith Lord

Meredith Lord is a wedding photographer based in New Zealand.

Meet Meredith Lord, a wedding photographer known for capturing authentic moments, epic landscapes and good old-fashioned love through her signature relaxed, editorial style.

Ironically, Meredith’s path into the world of photography wasn’t a planned one. She initially pursued a career in marketing for corporate giants after studying Textiles and Graphic Design at university.

Photography was her creative outlet, a passion she pursued for pure enjoyment. Little did she know that it would soon become her life’s calling. Soon after, she would end up making a career out of it through Meredith Lord Photography.

It all began when a photographer friend invited her to accompany him to weddings during the extended Christmas and New Year breaks, just for the company. Afterward, Meredith was handed a camera and encouraged to shoot. What started as a simple adventure soon blossomed into something more. Friends began to request her to capture their wedding days. However, it wasn’t until Meredith returned from her stint in the UK, where she had been working for a boutique marketing agency, that she considered making photography her full-time profession.

“…so I just threw caution to the wind and figured if it all turned to custard I could go back to Graphic Design… 10 plus years later, I still love weddings and the people they put in my path and I’m enormously grateful that I can say that this is my full-time job.”

Meredith Lord Photography is not just about capturing images; it’s about creating an unforgettable experience for her clients. That is to say, she goes above and beyond to make sure her couples have the best day possible.

“If I can make their life easier on the day, I will. Sometimes, that means I have to be the bridesmaid, drinks person, joker, friend, head cheerleader and I’m all about it. I just want my couple to have walked away from their day having had the most amazing experience both in front of my lens and with all their favourite people.”

Additionally, Meredith Lord Photography offers a range of services, including:

Wedding Photography: Capturing the magic of your special day, from the smallest details to the grandest moments. 

Elopements and Intimate Weddings: For those who want to capture their love story in a more intimate setting. Meredith is also keen on helping her couples with planning and bringing their vision to life. Or if they’re unsure, help them figure it out.

Film Photography: For something a little more different, classic, and romantic.

Couples Sessions: This includes engagement sessions, pre- + post-wedding shoots, anniversary sessions, and more.

Moreover, Meredith understands that on a wedding day, anything can happen. Therefore, she’s always ready to adapt and make the day is as amazing as possible.

Meredith’s photography journey continues to evolve. She’s currently focused on building her presence in Europe, a place she deeply cherishes for its rich history and unique spaces. Furthermore, having lived and traveled extensively in Europe and the UK, she’s excited to capture the diverse and beautiful moments that couples create in these extraordinary locations. Meanwhile, Meredith has upcoming weddings and shoots lined up for the upcoming summer season in Europe. Truly, the future looks bright for Meredith Lord Photography.

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To learn more, visit or @meredithlord.