Fi is beautiful, bright, smart and generous. I love her compassion for everyone and everything. She’s my number one fan and I’m forever grateful for her support. Pat is a kind, loving, devoted partner who would do anything for me and those around him. He’s a beautiful soul and we’re the best of friends. 

We knew that we had found our match when we first met, eight years ago, at The Workers Club in Fitzroy. We were both there with our respective friends, but struck up a conversation and ended up talking the whole night, immediately at home in each other’s company.

We didn’t throw the wedding we originally planned (2020!), but could not have imagined a more perfect day. We changed our date, guest list and plans so many times that in the end, we knew the only thing that really mattered was getting married no matter what. So, with the wonderful support of our families we decided to just go for it as soon as 10-person ceremonies were allowed in Melbourne. After four months in lockdown, our wedding day was the first time we could hang out with a group of friends and family so we made sure to come out with a bang!

The intimacy of our wedding ceremony was incredibly special, with our best friend Judith officiating. Our greyhound Oshy even made the guest list and subsequently stole the show! We loved being able to wave at over 100 of our nearest and dearest over Zoom, as those who couldn’t make it shared the milestone with us across the airwaves. Pat even organised a beautiful video of my friends sending messages of love and good vibes from around the world, which we watched as we got ready together on the morning of the big day.

We held our wedding ceremony at Rupert on Rupert, which was the perfect setting with lots of plants and vintage furniture. Our only brief to Ame from Raven and the Rose was to make something super colourful, and the floral backdrop she created for our ceremony was heavenly. I managed to find my dream wedding dress, which I first stumbled across a few years ago when flicking through a magazine. With restrictions in place, I couldn’t get fitted in person, so there were a lot of selfies and alterations exchanged in the post in the runup to the ceremony. I have Alyssa from Lost in Paris to thank for her incredible patience! Pat even had to measure and attempt to pin my dress at one point which ended in a few pricks but lots of laughter. Pat always knew he wanted a suit that was a little different, and he finally found a great excuse to wear a turtleneck.

We held a picnic reception at Fitzroy Gardens after the ceremony and arrived to joyful cheers from fellow picnic-goers. Pat and I brought along a basket and plenty of rugs, plates and glassware that we knew we would use again in the future. We even provided small Covid-19 details such as individual rose gold cutlery packs and Aesop hand sanitiser for guests. Throwing my bouquet, and having our first dance, in the middle of Fitzroy Gardens was so much fun. With an intimate guest list and loved ones dialling in from around the world, it wasn’t the wedding we planned — it was better. Pat and I ended the night, just the two of us, at our favourite restaurant, Bar Liberty. It was the perfect way to end a perfect day.

photographer It’s Beautiful Here / ceremony venue Rupert on Rupert / reception location (picnic) Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne / bride’s dress Lost in Paris / groom’s suit MJ Bale / planner Toko Events / celebrant Precious Celebrations & Toko Events / rings Cushla Whiting / flora Raven & The Rose / hair & makeup Tonic Agency