Karen Walker and Levi’s have come together to produce a limited run of the Levi’s x Karen Walker Runaway Trucker Jacket. The original jacket was initially created exclusively for Karen for her contribution to the Levi’s #IShapeMyWorldCampaign for International Women’s Day earlier this year. #IShapeMyWorld is a global initiative dedicated to bringing recognition to the accomplishments of women everywhere, celebrating the strength and fearlessness of those shaping the world around them.

“She’s called Runaway Girl but that’s a misnomer. She’s not running away, she’s marching to, so I guess she should actually be called Marching Girl but that’s clunky and anyway, the trademarking’s all in place under Runaway, and the vernacular too, so I guess we just have to keep her name how it is. 
She’s not running away because, well, just look at her…she’s intent, brave and steadfast and just getting on with it. I think it’s this attitude, that’s so clear in her gait and the way she holds her head, that draws people to her, that makes her an icon, that makes her someone people want to wear around their necks and on their chests and even get tattooed on their skin.

I’ve had many people tell me why they’re drawn to her and it’s always something along the line of that they like her bravery and her sense of purpose and that those are things they see or strive for in themselves. 
She’s best known, of course, with her stick and bindle but, of late, she’s also been banging her drum and flying her flag. It’s still the same attitude though – one of purpose and strength and élan. 
I was there the day our creative director, my husband Mikhail, drew her. It was effortless and fluid and she was born fully formed in less than an hour. She’s one of his greatest gifts to me in a career, and a marriage, of many gifts. 
I’m proud to have marched alongside her all this time. I’m proud that she’s inspired her community in her own small way. And, I’m sure she’ll continue her brave, intrepid, independent march for many years to come.” – Karen

Our ongoing initiative to bring women everywhere the recognition they deserve – no exceptions, no qualifiers. This week, we’re celebrating seven incredible women across our Levi’s® community who have powerful stories to share about how they’re positively shaping the world around them: 

#IShapeMyWorld is a global initiative dedicated to bringing recognition to the accomplishments of women everywhere.

Limited numbers of the Levis x Karen Walker Runaway Trucker Jacket will be available from Friday 19th June at karenwalker.com, Playpark Newmarket and the newly established Playpark Wellington store, opening on June 20th.

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