MEADOWLARK Ceremonial Collection

MEADOWLARK’s Ceremonial collection has become synonymous with eternal love, precision design, artisanal craftsmanship, and enduring beauty. Objects of desire – to have and to hold, now and forever.

Coveted by tastemakers around the globe, MEADOWLARK has established itself as a modern jewellery brand defined by boundless creativity, impeccable quality, and exemplary service. Ignited by the union of two restless intellects – founders Claire Hammon and Greg Fromont – MEADOWLARK is representative of a story about love, art, and nature, that is driven by a passion to design, create, and connect. Proactive about making choices to contribute to a more sustainable and healthier environment, MEADOWLARK doesn’t over produce, reuses and recycles, and resists accordingly. The brand has also recently introduced a selection of fully traceable, lab-grown, solitaire diamonds to its bespoke offering. Anchored by alchemy, each MEADOWLARK piece forged in silver, gold, and platinum, is symbolic of a ‘Love Letter’ – designed by Claire and Greg, and handcrafted by the exceptional team they have gathered around them.

Inspired by the process of designing and making their own wedding bands, Claire & Greg released a dedicated collection of rings designed to celebrate love and unity in 2013. The opportunity to imbue their rings with intimate, meaningful accents, sparked a desire to create a journey for other kindred souls. The collection was aptly named Ceremonial.

Each Ceremonial ring is made-to-order at MEADOWLARK’S Auckland atelier by a team that values love, individuality, and integrity. “Working on Ceremonial pieces is one of the most exciting elements of our work. As artists, we value freedom of self-expression, and when it comes to designing Ceremonial rings, there are simply no rules. We understand that every piece will be aligned to individual style, beliefs, and memories – both old and new”, says Claire Hammon.

Once clients have selected their preferred designs from the current collection and advised on any modifications, MEADOWLARK’S dedicated in-house jewellers and stone setters begin crafting the pieces to ensure completion within 4-6 weeks.

The MEADOWLARK Ceremonial collection is crafted from 9ct, 14ct, and 18ct gold and platinum. Rhodium plating is avoided (unless requested), allowing the natural, warmer tones of this precious metal to shine through. The collection is vintage inspired with Art Deco echoes, but offers an array of both ornate and minimalist evergreen styles, that Claire and Greg update to convey timeless modernity.

Popular Ceremonial styles include the Hex Engagement Ring (showcasing a round brilliant stone surround by a hexagon halo of diamonds), the Signature 5 Stone Ring (featuring a round brilliant centrepiece stone flanked by of two ascending round brilliant stones on either side), and the vintage-inspired Aphrodite Ring (set with a round brilliant stone held by six claws that emerge from fluid line details inspired by MEADOWLARK’S best-selling Vita styles). For those enchanted by the natural world, the Dahlia Ring’s flora-inspired design offers a statement piece set with a round brilliant centre stone, surrounded by a halo of diamonds and diamond set petals.

Read more about the Ceremonial collection HERE.

New Arrivals

Claire and Greg have recently introduced four striking new designs to the Ceremonial collection – inspired by architecture & artworks, each enchanting piece has been named after well-known female artists.

The Hilma Ring – complex from a design perspective – showcases a round brilliant, princess cut, baguette stone, that is elevated by a bold square claw setting.

The Agnes Ring presents a graphic statement of repetitive, subtle geometric lines – the ideal wedding or engagement band piece that is anchored with a classic low setting.

The Imogen Ring is set with three sparkling princess cut stones – one tilted to create a playful mood. Strikingly graphic and unexpected, this decorative style is designed for experimental lovers.

The new Stella Ring epitomises unmistakable balance and harmony – an elegant symphony that features two stunning baguettes book-ended by round brilliant stones. The ultimate statement piece that can be worn solo, or stacked to create theatre and textural intrigue.

Browse and learn more about MEADOWLARK’s new arrivals HERE.

Bespoke Lab Grown Diamonds

MEADOWLARK is also proud to introduce a selection of fully traceable, lab-grown, solitaire diamonds to its bespoke offering – Amara – (oval), Effie – (round brilliant), and Uma – (radiant). Grown above the earth, lab grown diamonds mindfully minimise environmental damage and the consumption of fossil fuels. “Chemically and physically, lab grown gemstones are identical to those mined underground, but they have a much lighter carbon footprint. Optically, they are purer than naturally mined stones because they do not have any dirt or impurities ingrained in them. They also have fewer inclusions, and show fewer signs of strain in their crystal structure, as they are produced under carefully controlled conditions”, says Claire.

Made to order by MEADOWLARK’S skilled artisans, the lab grown diamonds will offer customers a more generous sized offering of attainable, consciously crafted IGI and SCS certified diamonds to suit their budget and individual style.

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