Morgan Lee Photography

Morgan Lee Photography, a Victoria-based wedding photographer and videographer duo, is making waves in the industry with their unique and personal approach to capturing love stories. 

Comprising Morgan and her partner Cooper, the engaged couple is not only committed to each other but also to ensuring that every couple they work with has the best wedding day possible.

Morgan Lee Photography thrives on working with couples who aren’t afraid to be themselves on their wedding day. With a belief in not taking anything too seriously, Morgan and Cooper bring a refreshing perspective to wedding photography and videography. Moreover, as a small team, clients have the assurance of knowing exactly who will be capturing their special day.

They are currently based in Melbourne but are not limited to local weddings. Excitingly, the photo and film duo are set to spread their magic internationally. Morgan and Cooper plan to be in Thailand in February 2025 and America in May 2025. 

Reflecting on their journey, Morgan shares, “I started photography way back in 2015, capturing my first wedding at the age of 17. After that, I was hooked. Fast forward to 2022, Cooper and I capture 85% of weddings together, making them extra special. We vibe with each couple so much that it feels like we are hanging out with friends by the end of the night.” This personal connection with clients is at the heart of Morgan Lee Photography.

As a duo, Morgan and Cooper are in charge of different sides of the business. Morgan handles the photography, emails, and social media aspects of the business. Her relaxed approach to wedding photography captures those unscripted moments, telling the unique story of each couple. Cooper, on the other hand, takes charge of all things videography-related. He brings a sense of calm to wedding days with his chill demeanor. This helps couples relax in front of the camera. Together, they seamlessly blend their skills to create stunning visuals and unforgettable memories.

“I handle everything and all that is videography related. I’ll show up, camera in hand and ready to roll,” Cooper says. “I capture all the footage Morgan sets up and create it into your unique wedding film. I bring a sense of calm to your wedding day.”

Morgan Lee Photography’s goal is clear – to make couples feel comfortable, have a good time, and capture epic moments together at breathtaking locations. Truly, the duo has highlighted their passion for storytelling and commitment to authenticity. As such, Morgan and Cooper are turning weddings into unforgettable experiences for couples around the world.

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