Skye Carter

Skye Carter, an established photographer from New Zealand, boasts over a decade of experience specializing in wedding photography across the globe.

Skye’s style is characterized by honesty, emotiveness, and a cinematic use of light, coupled with a considered attention to detail. Magic, spontaneity, joy, honest raw emotion, exquisite details – you will find it all in her work of evocative images that draw you into the frame and speak to your soul. With a background in fashion and fine art, Skye also draws inspiration from fashion photographers and artists of the 90s. This is evident in her work which exudes an editorial aesthetic that resonates deeply with her audience.

Skye was once described as “a barometer of the energy in the room.” Her intuitive approach allows her to capture the ambiance, the emotion, the light, and the interactions at weddings with unparalleled precision. Whether it’s tender moments or bursts of passion and energy, she expertly translates the emotions of the day into captivating images. For Skye, being a witness to the array of emotions displayed on a wedding day is a beautiful privilege. As such, she strives to capture each and every moment with equal parts creativity and empathy.

Central to Skye’s philosophy is the deep connection she forms with her clients. By fostering laughter, understanding, and trust, she ensures that couples feel comfortable enough to let their guard down. This results in images that are genuine and honest. Furthermore, Skye Carter’s collaborative approach to bridal portraits empowers her subjects to actively participate in the creative process. As such, a layer of authenticity and playfulness is added to the final images.

Inspired by those who wear their hearts on their sleeves and by elements of nature, music, and architecture, Skye’s work reflects her dedication to capturing the beauty of life’s fleeting moments. She moves beyond the expected with an aesthetic that is as intentional as it is organic. Skye strives to create multidimensional images, that are as spontaneous and joyous as they are deep and compelling.

Looking ahead, Skye Carter will be photographing in Europe, mainly France, Italy, and Spain, from June to August 2024. While there, she plans to continue her mission of documenting love and creating timeless memories. 

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