Oh My Beating Heart

Jordy, the creative force behind Oh My Beating Heart, is not just a wedding photographer – she’s a storyteller dedicated to capturing authentic love narratives.

The name itself encapsulates the profound emotion she seeks to freeze in time, that moment when your heart is so full it feels like it could burst.

What distinguishes Oh My Beating Heart is Jordy’s documentary-style approach. She maintains a balance between a laid-back atmosphere and structured guidance, leading couples through portraits while allowing the day to unfold naturally. This method ensures a blend of posed and candid shots, capturing genuine moments and emotions.

Another aspect of her work that sets Oh My Beating Heart apart is Jordy’s editorial vogue vibes. Her style is characterized by a fun, slightly dramatic tone, but, most importantly, it radiates heartfelt authenticity. She injects a touch of glamour and editorial flair into her work, creating visually striking photos that narrate a sincere story.

“My style is fun, it’s a little bit dramatic, but most importantly it’s full of heart. I’ll capture your day how it feels so you can relive it over and over again,” Jordy shares.

Jordy’s love for film and nostalgia is also palpable in her photography. Through thoughtful compositions, she transports couples to another era, creating timeless images that resonate with sentiment and emotion.

Beyond Melbourne, Oh My Beating Heart is not confined by location. Jordy eagerly travels across Australia and New Zealand, ready to document love stories in diverse settings. For her, every location serves as a canvas where she paints the unique tale of each couple.

For those in search of a wedding photographer, Oh My Beating Heart promises more than just photos. It guarantees the authentic capture of the heartbeat of your love story. With Jordy’s editorial finesse, documentary approach, and willingness to travel, this Melbourne-based photographer ensures that your wedding day becomes a genuine masterpiece, preserved for generations.

Learn more at ohmybeatingheart.com and @ohmybeatingheart. Explore Oh My Beating Heart on the Together Journal Online Directory.