We recently spoke with Brooke of Brooke Barrett For You to hear a little more about the fashion designer and about her new collection, Ivory Edit showcasing contemporary, made-to-order ceremonial wear.

She shares with us her beginnings, what inspires her and about some exciting additions to Ivory Edit. Continue reading below for more…

How long have you been in bridal fashion and what made you take up this career?

Bridal fashion as a designer is actually something I found myself ‘falling into’ so the saying goes. My design career began at a young age, always scribbling and dreaming up outfit ideas which lead me to study fashion and design in Wellington (where my style and label at the time were heavily fashion-focussed with an element of androgyny and a little metal – I’ve always loved creating something that makes the viewer or wearer ‘feel’ things) before moving to Los Angeles working in the rag trade (textiles).

On my return to New Zealand, the time felt right to get started on my design career again and I opened up a bespoke service where I made everything under the sun to understand what was needed in the market – and after 3 years of investigating, experiencing and developing the fashion market as a whole under Brooke Barrett, it was very clear to me that there was a place for a no-fuss, fashion-focussed, sleek, simple and modern ceremonial aesthetic – and Ivory Edit came to life along with my passion for developing a customisable, adaptable brand.

Tell us a little about your latest collection?

Each style is made from our traditional matte satin – available to purchase with custom-sizing directly from our website while we are in the process of introducing prêt-à-porter to bridal stores worldwide. We offer a fabric sampling service which you can order here and provide virtual consultations where I can assist with measurement taking to have these applied to your Ivory Edit garments. Each style is completely customisable and we provide a seamless process for adapting these to any individual needs and cater to fittings on or off-site. We have great trust in our products and release one collection each year, with a few extra pieces here and there to ensure our approach is continuously evolving, but staying true to our core values of providing a fashion-focussed, accessible brand to the worldwide market.

Any artists, musicians, writers, creatives etc. who inspire or influence your work? Or what kind of things inspire you as a designer?

I’m always inspired by music and the elevation or feeling it provides – some of my favourites are Mazzy Star, The Coathangers and Patti Smith to set the scene. But ultimately, what inspires me is providing the ability to allow for adaptations to the bridal and elopement market to evoke individuality, to create or suit any set of personal proportions. I’m excited by designing how a garment will move and how adaptable it can be for whatever scene it may enter.

Any plans or ideas for the future that you would like to share?

We are about to launch our range of woollen felt hats with @brookebarrettforyou which have a completely adjustable crown to fit even the smallest of sizes, my amazing assistant Sophia and I are currently developing a range of elopement accessories, and we’re always collaborating on a visual level with other creatives around the globe with photoshoots and so as always there are plenty of exciting things to come.

To shop or for more info, visit the website HERE or book your consultation HERE.

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Photographer: Ben Dath | Hair & Makeup: Amber at A Brides Secret | Model: Letitia