Boussole by Naveya & Sloane

Appropriately named “Boussole,” this collection serves as a guiding “North Star” for Naveya & Sloane, for genuine love always points the way back home.

Objects of Desire Issue #32

Spotlighting the exquisite jewellery featured in Issue 32’s Objects of Desire editorial section, Together Journal once again presents a selection of must-have items to enhance your celebration looks.

Coloured Stones

We encourage you to explore the exquisite allure of coloured gemstones when selecting your engagement ring or enduring jewellery heirlooms.

RUUSK Monte Collection

RUUSK is thrilled to introduce its newest fine jewellery creation, the Monte collection, a stackable ring collection designed for the modern woman.


A moment in time to be remembered forever. No sooner has one of life’s biggest questions been asked and answered with a “yes!” than another cascade of smaller but still pressing decisions rains down on the happy couple.

Partridge Engagements

If it’s a nervous man on the quest to find that perfect ring to add the magic to the asking of one of life’s biggest questions, Gabrielle makes sure to put him at ease. “It’s about understanding that it’s going to be fun and actually a lot easier than you think.

Good Gold

Selecting an engagement or wedding ring isn’t the most stress-free exercise in the world. Because not only are you shopping for an accessory you’ll wear every day, but it also needs to last the distance so that you can, if you so wish, pass it on to the next generation.