Tied to the Sea: A Styled Editorial

The idyllic relaxed atmosphere of a yacht ride, the gentle breeze, warm sunlight, and playful reflections were the inspiration and starting point for this project’s décor.

The concept was born from my affinity for the sea. I wanted to explore the idea of a relaxed and contemporary intimate wedding on a boat, surrounded by your closest family and friends. Instead of focusing on traditional “getting ready” shots, we aimed for the couple would spend the day basking in the sun, swimming, and joyfully jumping into the water.

The shoot’s ambience drew inspiration from movies like “The Talented Mr Ripley” and “Good Year,” which mesmerised me with their summer vibes and the laid-back, carefree atmosphere shared among friends.

As for the couple’s looks, we aimed for a nautical theme without clichés. The swimsuit look was complemented by a net dress reminiscent of fishing tackle and gold jewellery as a symbol of sea treasure. Or maybe it is the image of a mermaid fished by prince charming with his nets—the makeup artist aimed to achieve a relaxed yet slightly languid appearance for the first look. We wanted to capture the essence of a girl who had just come out of the sea and was enjoying herself. As a result, we created a damp and slightly messy hairstyle, along with nude, radiant makeup.

The main looks of the couple were closer to reality than to fairy tales. We wanted them to look relaxed. No ties, jackets, high heels, and heavy embellishments. We added a touch of infantilism in the flowers on the dress and natural fabrics in the image of the groom. The couple is on holiday, and it’s their holiday.

For the bride’s look, we wanted a more playful and soft yet sultry vibe. Thus, we opted for a shimmering smoky black eye and a subtly intense, sun-kissed blush. To achieve a modern mermaid-inspired hairstyle, we focused on creating a flexible and natural texture. It appeared as if the bride had unravelled the braids she had styled the previous day and lightly fluffed them up with her hands.

The idyllic relaxed atmosphere of a yacht ride, the gentle breeze, warm sunlight, and playful reflections was the inspiration and starting point for the project’s décor.

The décor combined styles of eco-classic, minimalism, and nautical motifs. We wanted to emphasize textures, highlights, and shapes that blend gracefully with the yacht’s interior and the surrounding landscape. Warm white and beige colours, stones, crystals, seashells, and delicate flowers were used in table design. For the evening, we prepared a portable lamp that gives a beautiful reflection on the table and creates an intimate atmosphere for the guests.

A bride on a yacht is an embodiment of freedom and grace. The bride’s bouquet was designed in a contemporary style emphasizing the bride’s uniqueness, and her textured payment was complemented by the bouquet’s simpler lines and minimalistic flowers.

Even though the shoot was inspirational, emotions were real as Victoria and Alex are a madly in love real-life couple.

STYLIST: Bridal Fashion Stylist, @bridal_fashion_stylist / STYLE ASSISTANT: Gid Bride, @gid_bride / CONCEPT + PHOTOGRAPHER: Sasha Dove, @sashadove.ph / MODELS: Victoria and Alex; @creep_soul, @sh.reit / BRIDES BOUQUET + TABLE DECOR: Joie Flower, @joie.flower / MAKE UP & HAIR: Ksenia Ozlem, @ksenia.ozlem / PLANNER: Marry Me In Turkey, @marryme_inturkey / STATIONERY: St Calligrapher, @st_calligrapher / BOAT: Escape Gulet, @escape.gulet / BRIDAL DRESS AND VEIL: Mila Polka, @mila.polka / NET DRESS: Nevesomost Brand, @nevesomost__brand / SWIMSUIT: Fashion Looks, @f_a_s_h_i_o_n_looks / CAKE: Samal Bakery, @samal_bakery / VIDEOGRAPHER: Salamatin Video, @salamatin_video

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