Tell us about The Isles and how it came about as well as the people behind the company/brand: The Isles is a bit unique within the wedding photography industry. We are a team of photographers who work together, train and encourage each other to grow and make even more awesome work than before.

Cameron from Chasewild Photography launched The Isles to help train and mentor new photographers entering the industry. We currently have three photographers working all over New Zealand. We have recently added a videography team to The Isles as well! 

What makes The Isles and what you do/your business unique: It’s often hard to start out in the wedding photography industry, finding your style and creating quality and consistent work. We see a lot of photographers shoot one amazing wedding but struggle to reproduce the results over and over again. We mentor and extensively train all of our photographers to produce amazing results at every wedding. All of our images are edited together in our studio with the same cohesive look so our couples all get the same high quality images.

Any plans, career dreams or aspirations for The Isles you would like to share: We would love to add more photographers to our team, produce lots of amazing images for our couples and be a place of wedding inspiration for couples planning their big days!

Do you have a favourite wedding or project you have worked on so far or the one you are most looking forward to working on and why?

Honestly, our favourite weddings are the ones where there is just so much love in the air you can totally feel it. When the ceremony, speeches and moments in-between make the day amazing, not just the dress, the venue and the details. At these kinds of weddings, we get to make our favourite images – real ones full of real love!

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