Tell us a little about yourselves, what you do, what you love…

We are Carlie and Paddy!. I (CS) work as a Key Account Manager at Trade me and Paddy works in Trades recruitment. So basically, we are both in Sales and are equally as mad. 

We live in Birkenhead in Auckland in our tropical paradise we call home. We are both absolutely besotted by our big Retrodoodle pooch Bert – he is the absolute best. We love the outdoors and adventures. Before Covid we were always travelling overseas and never in one place for too long. We are both are hugely into our food and love to cook together or go out to new places to feast. What we love most about our relationship is that we are such good friends and team mates. We both love to be pretty impulsive and would support anything the other person drummed up as an idea. We love a cocktail, or just a drink in general and are always laughing and not taking ourselves too seriously. Always have something on the go..

How/where/when did you meet – and what were your first impressions?

We met down at the Christchurch races at a work event – my (Carlie’s) company held a client event and Pat was one of the clients (ha) – was FUN at first sight that’s for sure. Pat told the drawn out version of the story at the wedding but basically we were both KEEN pretty quickly (Pat professing it was love at first sight to a friend that day) and after a few more ‘work’ trips and a random trip over to Samoa it was all on. Pat moved up to Auckland and we moved into a place in Auckland together. Another tropical trip later and Pat popped the question over in Aitutaki … best few years ever!

When did you first realise that this was someone you’d like to spend the rest of your life with? 

I think what was really cool about us was that it was all really easy from the start and we pretty quickly realised that this was a very special thing we had. Pat always says he knew from day 1.. 

Was there a proposal? Tell us a little about it…

The proposal was one of the best days ever. I (CS) had NO idea what was coming. We were heading to Rarotonga with my family for the New Years period and Pat had got me flights to a stunning little island called Aitutaki for a night For Xmas – I cried at just getting that as a gift. We arrived and went for a swim – it was seriously the most amazing place I have ever been to. Pat was acting a bit weird and stressed but I still had no clue why. We went to get a cocktail and I was attempting to have some deep chats about the meaning of life but could tell Pat was off. We went back to our room to get changed to go for a walk (Pats idea) then he put the ring box in his pants. I went to give him a hug and he started losing the plot, pulled the ring out, got on one knee and proposed!! I was gobsmacked, the most beautiful ruby ring I’ve ever seen. We both cried and laughed, and it was just perfect. Followed by me forcing a one-size-too-small ring on my hot swollen finger and then needing to ice it for the night in the champagne holder. 

Tell us about the vision you had for the mood or style of your wedding…

We wanted a luxe boho vibe – a festival type feel where you were away on holiday and heading somewhere unknown on a bus. We wanted to create our own space, Our vintage napkins were all collected, we also collected hundreds of amber bottles and brass vases for flowers. We had outdoor games and seating. We wanted it to be fun with lots of bubbles, Apperol Spritz and food. We really wanted a band and for everyone to have an absolute blast on the dance floor. We definitely got that! 

Tell us about your main outfits, what was unique, is there a story?

I (CS) really had no idea when we got engaged – had never been one to dream of a wedding or even consider what I would have at one. So I had a wee look online, was overwhelmed and didn’t love anything. I decided I wanted to support a local business in Taranaki (where I’m from). I loved a friends dress from a few years back and asked her where she had it made – then that’s how I found Liah at Liah Roebuck Bridal. Best decision ever. 

Liah helped me recreate a dress I had found from an American designer and the result was beyond what I’d imagined, and ended up quite different but MUCH better than the photo. Can’t get over how much I loved my dress – felt so special and SO me. We got it finished quite early and when I put it on close to the wedding I cried – just perfect!

Paddy wasn’t very fussy about his outfits he just wanted something that was a casual type of suit, so he chose a linen fabric and lost the tie. He opted for a bow tie as its something h doesn’t normally wear. He just wanted to be comfy and not too hot!

What was one element you were happy to splurge on?

I don’t think there was one thing in particular to splurge on – it was more just the fact that our main things we wanted  for the day were an epic location, a band, lots of drinks and food and for it to be a fun time. We were so lucky that Paddy’s family brought up so much southland seafood which added to the day, and the Sunday! We also wanted to have the best memories captured to look back on which Kate and Lucas did he best job of we are forever grateful. 

Did anything happen on your wedding day that you laugh about in hindsight (even if it was stressful at the time)?

We were so chilled and immersed in the fun on the day – nothing could have spoilt our mood I don’t think! Pat called me freaking out that he’d left his bow tie in Auckland in the morning but someone drove and got him one from a shop. Last minute vows and speech writing seemed a bit stressful but was really quite hilarious and perfect. Also feel like we had such a good crew of vendors etc that everyone kind of just figured any mishaps out 

Oh, our alcohol trailer broke, and generator plug wouldn’t work and was our main power source – so the lads dealt with some stressful times and I never knew! All works out I promise!

Ceremony and Reception location: Baylys Farm / Videographer: Winters Collective / Photographer: Kate Alexandra Photo / Celebrant: The Wilde Creative / Entertainment: Pat For President / Furniture + Lighting: Best Day Ever Events / Coordinator/Planner: Boheme Events / Arch: The Fox In Flora / Easel: Laika / Umbrellas + Fans: Rent For Events / Flora: Bronze Fig Floral / Catering: With Bellson / Beverages: Kindred Spirits / Transport: Clarks Coachline / Bridal Party Cars: Black Robin Transport / Bride’s Gown: Liah Roebuck / Groom’s Attire: Hallensteins / Rings: Naveya & Sloane and Walker & Hall / Shoes: Asos / Earrings: Zoe & Morgan / Makeup: Claudia Louis Marie / Hair: Amanda Preston Hair / Fragrance: Viktor & Rolf / Bridesmaids: Blak Bridesmaids