Jewellers Workshop: East-West Settings

Highly sought-after by the modern bride, east-west settings are becoming more and more popular. Our partners at Jewellers Workshop explain why this setting is a flattering choice that’ll add personality to your ring.

An east-west setting is when the stone is orientated horizontally across your finger. Traditionally a lot of engagement rings are designed with the length of the stone positioned along the length of your finger, called a north-south setting, but the east-west setting is now a popular choice for those wanting a fresh and personalised look.

The team at Jewellers Workshop love east-west settings and have a few of their own favourites below. “They have a unique aesthetic, while still being pared back and easy to wear. Plus because of the extra coverage across your finger, the design is very flattering!” – Jewellers Workshop.

Above: Sapphire East-West Solitaire: The sapphire in this solitaire is so unique and captivating; it has a nuanced colour that subtly shifts in tone depending on the lighting. Due to the unique nature of the sapphire, this ring is a one-of-a-kind.

Above: Pear Diamond East-West Pendant This is a fresh take on the classic solitaire pendant, with a pear-cut diamond fitted in east-west an setting. The pendant is attached to a long diamond-cut cable chain, with an additional loop to be worn at a shorter length.

Above: Vada East-West Solitaire. Clean and structural, the Vada east-west solitaire is sculpted in 18ct gold to follow the form of the central marquise diamond. The low, smooth setting makes this an ideal ‘everyday’ ring.

Above: Diamond Wrap Ring is a smooth, tactile band of solid gold that wraps around the finger, gypsy set with a natural pear diamond at one end, and is accented with a round diamond at the other.

Above: We love the fluid lines of the Indra Ring, with waves of gold and diamonds wrapping around a teal sapphire. The double band design makes Indra perfectly suited as a duel engagement and wedding ring – for someone who wants just one ring.

Above: Vestri East-West Solitaire The clean lines and subtle sparkle of emerald cut diamonds make them ideal as minimalist engagement rings. Here you can see the east-west emerald cut Vestri East-West Solitaire paired with the Stella wedding ring for contrasting shapes and sparkle.