Monique Maarschalk

Meet Monique Maarschalk, the talented wedding photographer who brings love stories to life through her captivating images. 

In this Q&A feature, Monique shares her passion for capturing unforgettable moments and offers valuable insights into her craft. Get ready to be inspired by her unique perspective and timeless approach to photography.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do. What is special/unique about you as a photographer?

I am a full-time wedding photographer living in Copenhagen with my beautiful family. My own personal journey to photography led me first to travel a lot and in turn that led to me finding my partner, Petter.

I was born and raised in Sydney and as both my parents are Danish we traveled every year back to Europe. Having my roots in Sydney and a Danish family, travel was a natural part of life. Copenhagen was always my home away from home and 10 years ago, after my studies, I decided to move here and work for Scandinavian Airlines and travel the world. This time I met my partner, Petter in New York, in the most Rom-com way. After 7 years of flying SAS, we welcomed our daughter and I knew it was time to move on.

For me, photography is about the personal story. We all have one, as a couple that journeys and stories are part of what we see told during a wedding.

The first wedding I shot was for a close friend, and I bring a bit of that to all my weddings. I approach it as if I were shooting for a friend so that those natural and personal moments can happen during the day.

My camera had always had a special place in my heart and on my hip, but I never considered photography as a profession, at least for myself.

A search for true happiness in my career has always been a struggle for me, so when I started my company, everything felt so clear. I adore my job, and I am so grateful every day for my couples and clients that I mean that I can call this my profession today.

2. What do you think is most important for people to consider when looking for a wedding photographer and what would your number one tip be to help couples in their wedding planning journey?

You should feel comfortable. That is true for planning your day and for choosing the photographer you are going to trust to capture your day. Being comfortable and relaxed with your photographer allows those natural images to form. If my couple is comfortable so are their guests. And remember, the day is about the two of you. If a tradition doesn’t sit well with you – change it up, do what feels right for you – make it personal.

3. What inspires you and your photography?

I find inspiration in the moment, often from the couple themselves, the location, and the atmosphere. I let the sentiment, energy, and feeling of the day’s unfolding steer and influence the imagery. I try to approach each couple with a blank canvas, letting their story inspire the direction that we take. Some of my favourite images evoke a laugh, a tear, or sometimes a fond moment – that’s what I hope to achieve with my images.

4. Where do you see wedding trends heading in the future?

I hope to continue seeing weddings that have a more personal feeling, that are truly in touch with each couple. A wedding that dares to be different, true to that couple is always memorable.

5. Any exciting plans for the future?

I’m looking forward to traveling more with my couples for their weddings or elopements, both in Europe and Australia.

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