John + Tom by Its Beautiful Here

For our wedding, it’s all about “camp.” As a queer couple in 2023, we saw marriage in a different light. Our focus is on bringing everyone we love together for a joyous celebration.

Toby + Dominique by Alice Andre Photography

We wanted our wedding to be traditional, however with a contemporary fun feel where people could feel comfortable and relaxed. We started with the idea of having an autumnal colour tone and went from there.

Eliza + Will by Allume Weddings

When you’ve been together from such a young age, it becomes difficult to pinpoint a single moment. It has always felt right and natural. We have grown up side by side, and Will is not only my partner but also my best friend. He knows me inside out, and we have an incredible bond. My … Read more

Emily + Karl by Left for Paris

In the beginning, our relationship was a case of right person, wrong time. At 21 and 22 respectively, we both had a lot of growing up to do and ended up parting ways.

Stephanie & Nick by In the Mood for Love

Steph and I both wanted timeless, classic elegance balanced with a contemporary chic style for our wedding and we were in luck when the perfect venue in Adelaide was available on the date of our anniversary.

Sarah + Christopher by Lonely Hunter Photo

Funnily enough, we went to the same high school and were in the same grade. Never spoke to each other though. We ended up going to the same University and had a mutual friend who liked to hang out with both of us, so our friendship and later relationship blossomed from there.

Maddie + Hamish by The Berhardts

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We met when we were quite young and our relationship slowly developed over the years to become what it is now. We often talk about how we quickly fell in love with each other but the beauty of our relationship is that it hasn’t had major turning points or changes, but grown and developed as … Read more