Zoe & Morgan: One of a Kind and Modern Love Collection

Zoe & Morgan is truly at its heart, a family business with a heritage as beautiful as the jewels they create. Let us tell you more about this gorgeous brand and the people behind it while we also show you some of our favourite pieces from their One of a Kind and Modern Love collections.]

ABOVE: 01 Rainbow Sempera Band 02 Fides Engagement Ring: Emerald Cut Green Tourmaline 03 One of a Kind 424 04 Unity Hoops 2mm 05 One of a Kind 330

Siblings – Zoë, Morgan and Ruth grew up in the beautiful English countryside. The family emigrated to New Zealand by sea. On the way, they visited Japan, Panama, Tahiti & Jamaica. They settled in Devonport on the North Shore. Their father, Douglas, was a traditional silver & goldsmith. He had a shop called Moonbird.

ABOVE: 01 Mon Cheri Engagement Ring 02 Eros Engagement Ring 03 One of a Kind 396 04 Limited Edition 129 05 Fides Engagement Ring: Salt & Pepper Diamond

The exposure to their father’s craftsmanship ignited a spark within Zoë, Morgan, and Ruth, shaping their destiny as jewellery designers. The intricate artistry and attention to detail became deeply ingrained in their creative DNA.

ABOVE: Bespoke One of a Kind & One of a Kind 441

As they grew older, the siblings embarked on their journeys of self-discovery and exploration. They delved into various artistic disciplines, seeking inspiration from different cultures and traditions. Their travels took them far and wide.

ABOVE: 06 Claridad Engagement Ring 07 One of a Kind 253 08 One of a Kind 427 09 Sapphire Together Band

These experiences served as a wellspring of inspiration, fuelling their creative endeavours. They absorbed the colours, textures, and symbolism of each place, infusing their designs with a sense of wanderlust and adventure.

ABOVE: One of a Kind 404 & Deco Wedding Band

In 2005 Zoe & Morgan was established. With a combined love for jewellery, their father’s legacy, and their global influences. The brand quickly gained recognition for its distinct aesthetic, blending contemporary design with a touch of the mystical.

ABOVE: 10 One of a Kind 396 11 One of a Kind 401 12 One of a Kind 417 13 Mon Cheri Engagement Ring 14 Fides Engagement Ring

Today, Zoe & Morgan has stores in New Zealand and London and is celebrated for its exceptional craftsmanship and meaningful designs that resonate with individuals around the world. The siblings’ upbringing in the English countryside, their voyage across the seas, and their father’s artistic legacy continue to shape and inspire their creations, resulting in jewellery that tells stories and captures hearts.

ABOVE: One of a Kind 364 & Rainbow Sempera Band

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