Maryna Cherednikova

Maryna Cherednikova is a passionate photographer based in Sydney, Australia. She finds profound meaning in capturing the stories that unfold behind her lens. For her, each frame is a narrative waiting to be told, a moment frozen in time to be cherished forever.

With a deep sense of honor and responsibility, Maryna sees photography as more than just clicking a button; it’s about choosing the perfect moment to immortalize. 

Furthermore, Maryna is committed to building a genuine connection with the couple she works with. This allows her to create a unique gallery through which her couples can relive their wedding day ensuring that their love and happiness radiate through her work.

Maryna describes her style as a blend of editorial and documentary. She believes in the power of authenticity and strives to align her vision with the values and aesthetics of her clients.

“I believe people do the best what they know the best – themselves, that’s why it is so important to connect with a photographer, who shares the same values and aesthetic vision as you.”

Central to Maryna’s brand are creativity, ethics, and respect for personal boundaries. She also takes pride in highlighting fashion details and celebrating diversity while always prioritizing love above all else.

Weddings, with their mix of emotions and chaos, represent beautiful love stories in motion. Maryna understands the importance of providing couples with emotional support and a safe space to express their authentic selves. Her ultimate goal as a wedding photographer is to help couples feel relaxed and immersed in the magic of their day.

Maryna Cherednikova’s services extend beyond Sydney. She frequently travels internationally and offers special packages for summer weddings in Europe and the US.

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