Looking for the perfect gift for someone you love or maybe a treat for yourself? We encourage you to think about spending on smaller more ethical brands. Never before have we had so much choice when it comes to beautiful boutique beauty brands that have sustainability front of mind. Small Australasian companies are thoughtfully creating some of the most effective, sustainable and design-lead beauty products in the market.

Our editor, Greta, is here to help by curating a list of emerging, ethical beauty products that she has tried and tested and have now become favourites in her beauty collection.

“Over the past two years, I have swapped out many bigger beauty brands and replaced them with smaller, more ethical ones that are working wonders on my skin and hair, as well as my conscience. And another positive is that most of these brands have been founded by entrepreneurial women, all of whom I admire and am constantly inspired by.” Greta Kenyon – Founder & Editor at Together Journal

Emma Lewisham

More than just a beautiful bronzed shimmer, Emma Lewisham’s Illuminating Face and Body Oil is a must-have for those wanting ultra-hydrated, glowing smooth skin. 

We are big fans of anything and everything from Emma Lewisham. We are regular users of the Illuminating Oil Cleanser, Skin Reset Serum, Illuminating Brighten Your Day Cream and the Supernatural 72 Hour Cream. Emma Lewisham is a world leader when it comes to products that work, combined with sustainability, in the beauty sector. Even endorsed by Dr. Jane Goodall for her actions. Hand on heart this brand is one of our absolute skincare superstars.

Read more about the Illuminating Face and Body Oil on Together Journal here and read about her sustainability endeavours on Together Journal here.

SeemThe Emma Lewisham web site.

Nurture – Abel Adore

This gorgeous fragrance created by Mothers for Mothers by Abel Odor would make a truly special gift for your Mum. It comes with a beautiful book of poetic words and memories on Motherhood by Carolijn Braeken.

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Availble at Abel Odor

Josh Rosebrook from The Facialist

The Active Infusion Oil is a regenerating retinoid facial oil that’s boosted by a clinical concentration of skin brightening, stabilized Vitamin C which enhances the performance of the retinoid for greater efficacy and results. 

The Daily Acid Toner is a multi-benefit, exfoliating, brightening skin-toning treatment that works to visibly improve ageing, and damaged skin, help slow skin deterioration, reduce redness, and improve skin texture. 

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Who is Elija

No, but really, who is Elijah? Well, Elijah is a new discovery and he comes in the form of five mysterious and seductively packaged scents that entice and blur the line between masculine and feminine. We highly recommend the discovery set, five divine fragrances you’ll fall in love with.

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You can buy at The Facialist or the Who Is Elija website


Sculptural and sensual. These two active, botanical serums by RAAIE look like pieces of art. There is one for day, and one for night. These are a very recent additions to the dresser top (too beautiful to shut away), and we have only been using for a few days, both are lovely but so far, for us, the night serum is our favourite.

Availble at RAAIE and The Facialist


As we move into the Autumn months why not try a potent and hydrating eye serum from our friends at Aesop which will also aid in evening out skin tone after the happy but harsh summer months. Let Aesop Exalted Eye Serum be your seasonal saviour.

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Availble at Aesop

Chloe Zara Hair Care

Seriously, we have not met a Chloe Zara hair product we didn’t love. Brilliant at taming unruly locks and reducing frizz. And did we mention the scent? Spicy and sensual, in fact, the hair oil works perfectly as a fragranced body oil too.

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Available at Chloe Zara Hair

The Virtue Fragrances

Translating Emotion into Olfactory Excellence through their exquisite range of New Zealand made Fine and Home fragrances. The mission statement for The Virtue rings so very true. The emotive feel and stories to follow had us from the moment we untied the beautiful fabric bag these charming vessels arrived in. Choose from seven scents in either oils (above) or spray (below).

Availble at The Virtue


For the body! Beauty lovers have become experts when it comes to facial skincare, but the body is usually an afterthought. Tronque is against neck-down neglect and is on a mission to create a habitual ritual of everyday luxe skincare specifically for the body. 

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Available at The Facialist


Technically not a beauty product but still an act of self-care. Home fragrances that bond scents with memories to transform space and mood.

New to Father Rabbit Select is Wellington-based Hivern. Inspired by the inextricable link between scent and memory, co-founders and spouses Tamara and Christopher Tubbs have developed a range of 100% hand poured Soy candles and diffusers that come with a curated playlist inspired by the origin of the perfume.

Read more about Hivern on Together Journal here

Availble at Father Rabbit


Luxury sustainable skincare for everyone. Sabbia Co is an ethical brand with minimal impact on the environment.

We love championing brands that work hard towards sustainability, so when we heard about Sabbia Co, we were instantly on board. Sabbia Co’s philosophy is to turn your beauty routine into a ritual using sustainable skin tools that will make your skin glow, so it’s no surprise the foundations of this brand were humbly built by two people who truly want to do better for our planet.

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Availble at Sabbia

Brave Face

BraveFace has three amazing products, Live Calm CapsulesCoolHead stress relief spray and HeadRest natural sleep remedy. Their proprietary herbal formulas use clinically proven ingredients that help to reduce feelings of stress and worry.

BraveFace is not only providing solutions that work, but it’s starting a bold and empowering conversation around anxiety and normalising it so it can be managed correctly. For far too long there has been a stigma around talking about anxiety so at Together Journal, we’re proud to champion a brand that’s set to make a difference.

Read more about Brave Face on Together Journal here

Availble at Brave Face


The only brand that’s not from down under, but we couldn’t resist. Henné is handcrafted in small batches in-house in coastal North Carolina using the finest natural and organic ingredients. Their lip care pack landed on our desks this week and we are already converted. The Nordic Berries Lip Exfoliator and Luxury Lip Tint in bare are our two top lip picks.

Designed to exfoliate, soften, deeply hydrate and defy ageing.

You can buy in New Zealnd at Daily Rituals and worldwide from HENNÉ

Abel Odor Parfum Extrait

The second appearance for Abel Odor (we do love a good organic fragrance brand).

Leading 100% natural fragrance house, Abel has launched a Parfum Extrait collection; and it’s an intimate new way to scent.

From the brand: A 100% natural, alcohol-free, highly concentrated parfum in a travel-friendly 7ML bottle made at the brand’s Wellington perfumery. The new Parfum Extrait line is rich in therapeutic-grade essential oils, designed to be dabbed on pulse points for a restorative scent experience. This is a modern evolution of the classical extrait de parfum. With self-care, ritual and intention at its core it is an entirely new category in its own right.

Read more about Abel Odor and the Parfum Extrait on Together Journal here

Availble at Abel Odor