Multi Coloured Maids

The vibrant allure of multi-coloured bridesmaids has emerged as one of our most cherished modern trends, and we’re delighted to discover that you share our enthusiasm for it. See below a curated collection of some of our favourites.

We wholeheartedly embrace the dynamic spirit and unparalleled individuality that this trend brings to the tapestry of a wedding day. And one of the best examples we have seen of this to date is from the real wedding of Cam and Emily pictured above. Photographed by @hollysarahburgess – you can see more of this delightful wedding here.

Kate and Hamish’s wedding, above, is brilliantly infused with a captivating burst of colour through the bold poppy 1960s pastels crafted by the talented designer Caitlin Crisp. Look out for issue #31 to see more of this glorious wedding by @alpineimageco

Above, Haute Weddings captured the beautiful moments of Emma and Michael’s wedding, where they embraced a softer mixed palette composed of delicate shades of subtle pinks, lemon yellow, and dusty rose. This enchanting choice of hues imbued their special day with an air of understated elegance and gentle romance. @haute.weddings – again keep and eye out for issue #31 where this wedding will be features.

Becca and Caleb above curated a captivating blend of colour and texture for their wedding, venturing into an eclectic realm; they even had one bridesmaid adorned with a stunning print. The unconventional combination of elements has worked beautifully. Photographed by @sarahjordanphotography – this wedding is coming to our website very soon.

In a celebration that radiated joy and boldness, Georgia and Manaia above curated a captivating blend of warm, bright hues and mixed styles for their bridesmaids. The wedding party became a vivid canvas of happiness! Photographed by @annepaar, and the full wedding is coming to our real wedding section very soon.

In perfect harmony with the breathtaking backdrop of Waiheke Island, Chris and Lauren curated an exquisite earth-toned palette that evoked a sense of natural beauty and serenity. The discerning eye of Lauren, with her background in fashion, shone through as she meticulously orchestrated a cohesive and visually captivating display of style. Photographed by the talented @danellebohane – you can see the full wedding here

Above, Sarah and Rory fearlessly defied traditional norms by choosing a colour combination that is often deemed to clash. Contrary to the outdated myth, we believe that this bold duo of red and bubble gum pink are, in fact, perfect partners. This unconventional palette showcases courage and a keen eye for aesthetics. Sarah’s discerning vision has resulted in a stunning display of beauty, challenging traditional wedding style expectations, and we adore it! Photographed by Tom Hollow @hollowandco – Currently on shelves inside issue #30 of Together Journal.

Above, Lauren and Dan, our remarkable issue 30 cover couple, have fearlessly shattered boundaries and defied conventions with their extraordinary selection of multi-coloured bridesmaids’ dresses. Embracing the liberating notion of “anything goes,” they have orchestrated a harmonious fusion of diverse hues that rock traditional norms, proving that rules are meant to be broken. See the full wedding here, photographed by @sapphirestudios___

Saving one of the best for last, Jonny and Erin’s festive wedding was a sight to behold, featuring an array of stylish bridesmaids adorned in soft pastel hues, donning fashionable designer ensembles. This contemporary and on-trend choice elevated the entire celebration, adding a touch of modernity and sophistication. See the full wedding here by @kerynsweeneyweddings

We hope you have relished this captivating compilation of ten exquisite multi-coloured bridesmaid features as much as we have. It’s a trend destined to endure, so stay tuned as we continue to explore the limitless possibilities and celebrate the vibrant beauty that multi-coloured maids bring to the world of weddings.